kittycatlion Needz Beemz

Oh ma Cween ! Kud Iz bi makn anowncement plz in de Cheezetown Cryer?  Fankyew Mushly.
LOL Speak off:
My girlkitten (Emma) has been admitted to Hospital with Meningitis.  For any Peepz who don’t know what this is, it’s a bug ( can be either a virus or a bacteria ) that gets into the linings covering the brain. They confirm it by a lumbar puncture (spinal tap), an she’s on heavy duty anti-biotics Pleh!.  The real danger is they don’t know which type it is, but the CT scans of her brain show up the inflammation there. I would appreciate all the loving beemz that the Cheezpeepz have to spare. My girlkitten is only 29 and my grandgirlkittens are only 8 and 4 yrs. so they are still only little, and they need their Mummy to be OK. They are a bit frantic as they saw their Mummy so sick, and then being taken away by the ambulance…….they keep asking is “Mummy going to die? and Will there be Angels to look after her?”  Their Daddy and I keep trying to reassure them that it will be OK(?)..but they really don’t understand it all.
So if there are beemz and hugz to spare we could surely use some. Thank you all of the wonderful Cheezpeepz.
kittycatlion hugz to all.

27 thoughts on “kittycatlion Needz Beemz

  1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{EMMA}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{DADDY ADN GRANDGIRLKITTENS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Hugz adn beemz tu awl ob yur fambly. Schmoooooozzzzz

  2. MEGABEAMS of love, prayers, and good health to your whole family; I know how frightening this is for all of you. Never underestimate the power of Cheezlub!!

  3. Great big huge double beams on high and lots and lots of Prayers are coming your way.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{kittykatlion,emma, hubby and Grandkids}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    Many bonks and schmooes and lubs
    3kittehsownme (Cindy)

  4. Beemz awn eggstraw hye foar yu adn yur famblee. Gud thotz awlsoetu, adn {{{kittycatlion, hurz gurlkitteh adn grangurlkittehs}}}

  5. Lubs,hugs,beems,heelin thots, understanding of situation n prayers coming ur wai, kittycatlin! God/CC bless n comfort u n urs.
    Hedbonks tu!

  6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

    healing beems directed your way …. holding all of you in my thoughts.

  7. kcl, How is your daughter doing? Have been Praying, so has my daughter.I am going to put Emma(I love that name) on my Prayerlist Sunday, with your permission.
    BEEMS an hugs

  8. I am praying for your daughter, you, and yours.



    {{{{{{{KCL’s fambly}}}}}}}}}

  9. {{{{kittcatlion, Emma and the famblee}}}
    One of my very good friends was hospitalized last year with meningitis. She also has two small children. It was very scary , and very serious, but she is 100% cured now. I’m sure the docs and nurses are doing everything that they can, and she too will be fine.
    *reeches arownd all teh otter peeps to give ebrybuddy hugs*

    • Dear Nala08,

      Thank you for your thoughts, when you are grieving the loss of your beloved Simba.I truly appreciate that you are able to give of your time, whilst you are grieving.

      For a time after I joined the ICHC community I sent you a friend request, you accepted. I still have you on my messages list with your messages, but for some reason you deleted me and I have tried several times to send a friend request,but you have not accepted. May I ask why?, did I say or do something to offend you,or was it an oversight?

      I would like to be your friend, as you seem such a beautiful soul, and beautiful people are the types of people I want as friends.

      Again Thank you for thinking of us!


  10. Deer KittyCatLion, I sowwy I didn read the Cryer befor nao to send the wishes I want you to hold close The picture is: {{{(((Girl Kitteh)))(((Grand Girl Kittehs)))((((KittyCatLion)))}}} all in a warm fambly embrace and all healthy and strong. I hoep very strongly that the news is better by nao. BEEEEEEEEMZ sent your way from San Francatsco.

  11. KittyCatLion: I hoep yer deer Girl Kitten Emma is OK by nao wiht teh DocKittehs taykeen gud kerr ov hare.
    Lotsa beems adn hugz fer yu adn yurr fambly, speshlly fer yuor grandkitties.

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