twocatwoman Hazza Job!

Deer Cheezpeeps,
I can haz nounce ment? ai haz eggsepted a timpooary job! iz a 3 monthmonthmonth assignment doin wwat ia do, wich is clerical wruk. ia kno it will be a pleh job, but ia am soo excitid to hav it, ia had to shar dis gud news. Fangu for awl de beems an hugs! {{{{Cheezpeeps}}}}}}}}


13 thoughts on “twocatwoman Hazza Job!

  1. How fun! an ai knowz tree munfs b better den no munfs ! an mayb dey gets to like yu (az we do) an dey keepz yu ! ( ai member ai hadda fwend who only wanted temp werk, an ebery tyme she ‘cepted a “temp” job da cump wanted to keep hur when she waz done ! who knowz ? cud happen to yu !) conga rats to yu! an gud luck!

  2. Ai haz teh gladisome gladz fur u that dere wil be teh munnies commings awyle at leasst. An laik Sparkysmom sez, mebve ebben in pleh temp clerilol job u be impressifyink teh bozzes an klyents an awl an get bedder an moar an lon gear werks ai hopehopehope!

  3. Ai haz teerz ob gladnes 4 u–been dere, wifout munniez, an awl…Predickshun tyme–You WILL dew sew well dat da jowb peeps wantz u awl da tyme!11!1

  4. I am bery happy 2 share yore happeh that yoo hassa jorb. 2cw! w00t! and ai am berry happeh taht yoo are happeh to be ablol to work, even if it isn’t yore favorite position. awfin peeps are complaynink about tehre jorbs and carrying on about how bad it is, etc, so it is much nicer 2 B graytful to werk. fore it is a blessing, indeed!
    hope that it continues!

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