5 Eaglez Guud beams and guidance received & workeds

Aannii:Sunny,Cweenmj.and community.

I have wonderful news. First of all no walks for me to the woods only to go and commune with the great creator in thanks and meditations.

I feel like a idiot and a shamed but its not my fault. When I went to see the heart specialist a couple of weeks ago he was looking at my chart, ECG and echo and making a decision based on that information in front of him.

I have Proximal Atrial fibrillation since I was twenty five years old I am fourty five now. The first time I found out the Doctor said I had an old mans disease, one most men get near the end of their lives. I was young and could get it fixed.

You see there are four “Pete 5 eagles” (not real last name.LOL) in my city. One is twelve years old, then myself born 1964 Oct 3. then my brother (yes real brother we are both adopted into same family) and a eighty four year? born 1924 Oct 13.  Myself and the older 5 eagles where there the same day and his charted got handed to the doctor  thinking it was mine.  The older 5 eagles is not doing well.

The Doctor apologized profusely. I just laughed, no harm no foul.  (Please check our burfdays info).  Well the short story is I have a very powerful heart and would have no trouble with the procedure.  Out in the same day to?  Sweeeeeeeeeeet. Sometime in may/June? and in Newmarket Ontario.

So in closing a huge makwaa(bear) hug for all of you. Meegwetch for your support, love, guidance and most of all your understanding.

*5 Eagles does little dance in happiness.*

My song for this day:
Whey hay ya ya whey ha ya yaaa
I give great meegwetch for this day is mine
Whey hay ya ya whey ha ya yaaaa.
Many friends have made my heart a better place.
Whey hay ya ya whey ha ya yaaa
Whey hay ya ya whey ha ya yaaa.


35 thoughts on “5 Eaglez Guud beams and guidance received & workeds

  1. (jumpin upndown, wavin hur hat inda air) yippee ! yippee! HOORAY! hooray! sumbudy madeamistake ! YIPPEE ! (see, peeps awla da beems done werked !) no dark forest fur da 5eagles ! only da brite sunshiny fields ob fleurs frum now on ! {{{{{{{{{{5eagles}}}}}}}}}}

  2. {{{{{5 Eagles}}}}} this is very good news indeed! Strange things happen in this world and I guess it just goes to show that we should never give up hope. *shmoos and hedbonks*

  3. So happy to hear the news, but also terribly sorry that you were put through such pain before you were told it was a mistake. All is well that ends well, but nobody deserves to be faced with the decisions that you thought you had to make – it’s a terrible position to be in. Your strength and introspection during that time was commendable, and you were rewarded in the end!

  4. HALLELUJAH n AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!! Shouting for joy thru out cheezland.

    Glad that gotted cleared up.
    N again amen amen amen!
    Thank You, Great Spirit, w/ sincerity.


  5. *Does Giant happy dance, skip, leap, spin*
    What WONDERFUL news!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and us. You will be with us for a long time now!!
    I am overjoyed for you!!!!

  6. *Showers the world with confetti* *Joins in the dancing* YAY!! This is such a huge relief for you, and for everyone else! ^_^

  7. I feel a great warmth in my heart that this is so. I am glad that your news is good, and sorrow for your stress of the near past. All that we learn in life is good, even though the learning can be painful. Walk in the woods and be grateful that you will walk there for many years to come. I have a large happiness for you.

  8. *sunny joins with dansdansdans*

    *hugs 5eagels and his woman*

    hay ya yahoo!

    hay ya woot woot!

    Hay ya ya yah!

    Hay yah skweeee!

    (iz teh cheezburger-Nations version!)

    dansdansdans…fallsdownlaughing! Not at your pain, of course, but at your relief.

    we mebbee shud send beems to other 5eagles?


  9. Hurray! *joins dansdansdans* Sew glad yu r goin to b OK!
    Ai agrees wif Sunny — can we send beems to teh older 5 eagles? I finkso he b needing dem.

    • fankees, ai haza worreet ‘bowt t’other 5eaglols now, ifn HIS piss wuz bad fur 5e, and HIZ diagnosis bad fur 5e, then, WUT abowt t’other 5e? our 5e’s dignosis cud nawt hab bin gud fur him…OH! wut a tangled web!

      • I fote you meent hiz “UA”, whin yoo sed “piss”. lol. I just had an sperience where my labs (blood tests, not dawgs) gotted mickst up wiff anuzzer paychent, and teh doc hadda lawng list of stuff that wuz rong wiff me. Fore biggish fings. Well, I got to lookin at the dayts and then I realized taht HALF of the sheets were for a different purrson. Pore hurr-onlee 42 and hass diabetes and kidney problsm. my labs weren’t great eezer (lupus ANA way up, for one fing), but itz skarry to fink whut cood happin if a doc gits teh rong lab test results and gibbs medicine 4 whut yoo donut habbs! YIKES!

        SO glad taht this is strayted out, 5eaglols! and that yoo are feeling better/happier! whut a terriblol skare yoo had! Good luck wiff teh uppcoming “procedure” (funny doctor you-fimism), and may you feel better and better! (and better!) w00t, w00t!

  10. YAAAAHOOOOO!!!! Do you feel better now?? You go do all those things you thought you were going to miss so much.. Fish/hunt/walk in the woods and savor every moment,even the stickers in your sox,’cause they mean you’re alive! Hug your wife and kids and remember when they make you mad how mucn you were going to miss them. YAAAHOOOOO!!!!

  11. Muskrat Who Cares For The Fire, I have to ask, what lesson was learned through all this? There is always a lesson! You do not have to say here, but I am sure you know it!
    Hug She who walks with you, and your children, and give great greetings and joy!

    • sigh. I always forget to check that silly little box. Oh, and I am dancing too!! And Drumming, because dance and drum go together so very very well!

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{other 5eagles}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    (Why not – worked for you didn’t it?)

  13. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We can has owr 5Eagles fur da long tyme nao!!!!!!!!!
    Leaky eyes ob joy fur you an yur fambly!
    (bares pointy-ends an hissssses at stoopy doctor)
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{old 5Eagles}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    lub an *bonks* an scmooes to yu an yur fambly!!

  14. I’m SO happy that this was just a mixup.
    Hugs and schmoos to you and your family. And special beemz to the other “5eagles”

    (Now we noes that this doesn’t just happen on soap operas !)

  15. Dearest 5_Eagles,

    I am crying tears of joy as I type this. I thanks Great spirit that you will be walking the plnaet for many years to come. The message that I sent to you from Murrayar, did say that Great Spirit wasn’t ready for you yet!
    I am laughing, crying and thanking the Universe all at the same time. If I still could manage them physically, I’d be doing cartwheels and handstands, and jumping for joy…so I’m visualising myself doing them for you!
    Wonderful,Wonderful News for a wonderful,Wonderful Man!
    Luv,Hugz and Hapiest Beemz, to you and your loved ones. Gurra!

  16. Sumwun prollee sed di awreddee….tiem to chanj naim to lolspeek spelleeng maybe aifinkso? Fibe. Huh. But (!) onlee WUN “Pete 5 Eaglez” or “Peet 5 Eaglez” or “Pete Fibe Eaglez” or or or….

    happitail for yoo!

    wkm & Maya

  17. silli Dr is prolly reelyreely scaret you gonna sue his buttoff!!
    Hope u got no damage from rong meds.. I think u needz to see nozer (good) Dr to see ’bout this. Also,u might check on this (bad) Dr recordz. I don’t think this is something to laugh off.

  18. *hcr sits in frunt awf ‘pyooter laffing and laffing frum joy and blinking away teh leeky eyes*
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    {{{5 eagles}}} {{{5 eagles’ fambly}}}
    and beeeems to teh old man 5 eagles!

  19. {{{{{{5Eagles}}}}}}} Ai dansdansdansdans foar U. Ai singsingsingsing foar U! U ar yung an strawng an speek uv teh gudness! {{{{{{old 5 Eagles}}}}} Ai pray foar himz too. *dansdansdansdans ov happytails foar yung 5 Eagle*

  20. *burns sage in the ceremonial fire in thanks to the Great Spirit*

    I’m glad to hear about the mixup, 5 Eagles. So glad that I will not lose my friend for many moons to come. {{{{{{{{5 Eagles}}}}}}}}

  21. Man, am AI relieved!!!! Thanks to CC and all deities and spirits that dis be teh outcome. Nebber has ai been gladder ab00t teh mistayk sumwun made. Phew!!!

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