Kittycatlion Has A Huge Happy!

oh, mai!! just luk at dis i gottid in deh emayoz!!!

(LOLSpeak Off!)
To all of the Wonderful,Caring,Loving,Sharing, people of Cheezeland!
Thank you all so much for your thoughts, prayers, beemz and hugs sent to me, my girlkitten, and her husband and my little grandgirlkittens!  My girlkitten’s Viral Meningitis is on the run now, and although it will be a long,slow recovery she is OK!
I really believe that CC, heard all of the prayers and loving thoughts sent out by all of you, whatever your beliefs!
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and then some!  I don’t think that I will ever be able to express just how much the messages of love and support meant to us! And you all helped me to remain sane for my family during it all!
That you all took time out from your busy lives to send thoughts to us, (even though we don’t really know each other, in the traditional sense) is really amazing and so wonderful!
Please accept from us a huge bouquet of your favourite flowers and the chocolates and champagne of your choice…in Cheezeland  of course! Although, if I knew all of your names and addresses, and had the $$’s I would send them in reality!
Instead I will send you, in reality, loving thoughts and grateful, thankful beemz!
Love, Light and Hugs to you all, from kittycatlion (Carol) and family. xox

19 thoughts on “Kittycatlion Has A Huge Happy!

  1. U is most welkum to all my gud thoughts and beams and hugs! And to me cheezfrenz are as real as other frenz, sumtimes even moar so. Even if we will probably nebber meet face to face, we can be close cos we can share so much here. It may LUK anonimous in teh whirled wide web, but it certainly doesn’t feel laik it – it be very PURRsonal! Lubs from Upfi (and warm beams of recubbery for ur gurl)

  2. Happydayhappydayhappyday and manymnymany more 😀
    Yes,I’ve had the same experence (tho not here) People you can talk too,that send prayers and good thoughts to you are veryvery important.
    Soooo glad that all are doing better..

  3. That is,I didn’t have the experence here,because here didn’t exist then
    I had to rely on a bunch(herd?) of ranchers on another board..they did a real good job of helping me thro a rough patch..

  4. YAY!!!!! I am so happy for you and your family!!! Continued prayers and healing beems to your and awl yur family!!

  5. Fank you for the great newsflash! We are dancin and celebratin the good news! Your fambly has a fortunate that you are there for them, oh, and that you have the access to the most powermous beems source since the shinee sun! !!! Hop skip hop twiiiiirl along with HCR!!

  6. I hazza HYOOJ happytale foar yu adn yur famblollee!
    Beems adn moar beems foar kowntenyooded recubberee, adn {{{kittycatlion adn famblollee}}}

    Italiana >^..^<

  7. I was not to sure what was going on with your daughter but I prayed things would work out.
    My LOLspeak still is not the best. I think the illness left cause it was to afraid of you and your love for your daughter. I give great thanks for the healing you have received. You and your family have earned for your outpouring love to all.

  8. wonderful to hear such good news from a cheezlander . take good care of yourself and your family. your cheezfriends all send lotz of love and strength your way.

  9. O dat iz teh runroundtehhaussydwaezanjumpupandoanoffafunitshuirs noos!! Kontinyood beemz an praers fur ur girlkitteh’s peece an kumfert in recubbery! Smmooz an hedbonks 2 u awl!

  10. Sew glad yoor dawter es better, n shoorly will keep teh prayrz commin… hyoog hugs n snorgles!! Thanx Heaven 4 teh recuvree…

  11. Wut ovver wurd is dere but “OSSIM” – sew happee to hear teh gud news1
    More beems on teh wai for continood recubbery > > > >

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