HurryCanez, Frogz and Lemmingz

Dis nooz b frem wildbreeze.

Wun dai, ai wuz in cheezland, adn ai saw Angelplume in lemming form. He got hedbonked bai a stik. A shinee majik stik! He den turnd into a FROG! Ai thot dis wuz wunnermuss, adn ai wanted tew be transformified tew! Sew ai asked teh Cween if shi wud hedbonk me. Shi lukked hesitant fur a minit, but den shi grabbed teh stik adn tapped me awn teh hed.
WHOOSH! Ai wuz transformified… into a hurry kayne! Ai blew blew blew awl ovur teh playce, whirling around cheezpeeps adn picking up stray furnyture. Angelplume teh frog wuz blown far ‘way, where sumwun, seeing himz fall, thot it wuz rayning frogs. Spinning wuz fun at furst, but ai started tew get dizzy, adn tired. Sew ai called awt fur halp.
JanetCanHas4Kittehs ran wiffakwikness tew get teh Cween. Shi stood lukkin at meh, wunderin wutt tew dew, wen mai wylde winds blew at hur adn took teh majik stik! Teh stik flew twords meh, and bonked my hurry kayne-ness. *POOF!*
Ai stawped spinnin, adn SHRUNK! Ai lukked up at teh wurrying fayces uv teh cween adn JCH4K. Ai lukked at mai pawz, adn mai tayl. Ai wuz a teenie tiny MAUS! Uv corse, being a maus, ai wuz terrified uv everyfing, sew ai skurried ’round, hoping nobody wud step awn meh.
Keshet skooped me up adn put meh in hur pokkit, offering me sum crums. Shi patted me awn teh hed, den tuk me bak tew JCH4K, who put me in a maus haus. Dey gnu dey cuddn’t bonk me wiffout feer uv skwishin me. Dey gaev me cheez adn crums, while finking uv a plan. Dey thot adn thot. Finally, JCH4K jumped up, saying, “Ai’ve gawt it!” Shi ran wiffakwikness tew teh Cween, getting teh majik stik back, den ran bak tew me, caerful nawt tew bonkify hurself.
Wen shi caem bak, ai wuz climing round teh maus haus. It wuz fun! 😀 Den JCH4K tuk hur swiss ar mee nife adn cut a teenie tinee slivur awf uv teh majikul stik. Shi caerfully picked it up, adn tappity tapped me awn teh hed. *POOF*
Ai wuz bak tew normal!

U kin seeing awl deh akshun fur ursef at

nightshayde adn AngelPlume were turninged intu lemmingz on a previous lol

6 thoughts on “HurryCanez, Frogz and Lemmingz

  1. Ai lubs a happee endin tew, bluesfan! Orly, Meezermom? Dat wud b sew kewl! Hehe AP… Fankew, Adaein3! Ai lubs tew rite teh storees!

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