3kom Fawl Down Go Boom

Diz b in mai emayoz, frum 3kom, hoo b habbing ruff tyme.

My deer Cheezfrens,
If yu has any *beems* left, may ai has some, pleese?
I walkeded out my frunt door tu go tu church, and for sum reeson, my legs buckled an down ai went! Ai messed up my left knee (owieowieowie!) and my right knee was saved by a pile of stray dog poo. My knee is swollen and bruised, hafta go to Doc, in da AM, and find out if my M.S. is not in remission ani more. So. pleese, ai has a big scaired, and ai need you.


49 thoughts on “3kom Fawl Down Go Boom

  1. I say bless your precious little heart for saying your knee was “saved” by poo.


    I am sending teh “beems” ub your choice.

    Lubs, DOnkey

  2. 3kom—NO!!! BEEMS nevar runs out. Lubs, hugs, shoulder to leen on oar cries on n n n LOTS n LOTS n LOTS of beems n prayerz foar healing comin ur wai. So sowry u fell down. Hab u put ice on for swelling, taken enny paen reeleef u r allowd n hab it (ur leggies) ele ll raised up for blood flow? Let others in household help u iffen thers enny wun ders. I hoap soes.

  3. Beemzbeemzbeemz and moar beemz!! And hugs. And all other gud tings to come ur wai in teh gnus from the peoplol vet. We iz wif u.

  4. C??? Stray doggiehs r gud fur somting!11!

    Dis wun iz sendin da beemz 4 neez adn MS. CC bless…and inspire ur medikal peeps 2 dew gud tingz 4 u.

  5. Beems You got it……*. Great creator please be with my guud friend 3KOM(Cindy). Help her heal. let the great white bear with with her Sunday night. May the winds blow in her direction and give her the medicines she needs at this time. Meegwetch.
    Muskrat who care for the Fire.

  6. Oh, 3kom, Healing beams awn high tu yu!! Ihopeso yu feels better an git Xsellent news frum Dr. Tinycat in teh A.M. Pleez tu be keeping us updated.

  7. onai gudness, messded up on one knee, dog poo on teh ovver! 😯 gud attitood, yoo haz it 😉 hope yor messded-up knee gets better soon, an teh dog poo knee not smell like dog poo anymore {{{3kom}}}

  8. I fink only a cheezfriend would give thanks for dog poo … in the right place at the right time! Der be many reazons for falling down and go BOOM … so we can hope it is nothing serious. Keep us posted. Healing beams going from here to you.

    • Oh, so many cheesfrens, thank you all so much for all the good wishes and beems. I really lubs you soo much! All of you!
      Dr. Tinycatannot see me until Thursday. My knee is still swollen and bruised, ice did help. I can walk, albeit with a limp, but thats better than some people have it, so I not complaining.I was wearing boots with a wee bit of heel, maybe 2 inches, I am wondering if I stepped wrong and didn’t realize it? Hopefully thats all it was. No, being POSITIVE today, I know thats all it was!
      Thank you again, I have honestly never felt so cared for, ever before in my life. I love you guys!

      • wud u beleev….. i wuns sprained an anklol just bai stepping owt uv mai car…. on mai dry, concrete driveway…. wif plain old sneekerz on…. no gravel, no ice, no high heelz, no excuse at awl. …. nope…. just pure klutz. *sigh* at leest I din’t landing in dog poo….

        I hopez deh Dr.TinyCat haz nuffin but gud nooz fur u. {{{3kom}}}

      • AI BELEEB! ai wuns borked my foot missing teh last step uv my mom’s stairway, awn teh way owt wif a big bag of catfood fur a fren! No just-us, ai finks, NO just-us!

  9. beemzbeemzbeemzbeemz – des be coming tu you frum Bancouber, WA. Lotz ob gud thoughts and hopes

  10. Dear 3kom…

    Mai prayrz r alsew wif yoo… tahn yoo weel heel verreh suun n taht teh Dr. Tinycat weel gib yoo gud gnus… an taht yoo weel beez strawng n haz a happi tayl sew yoo kan dansdansdans!!

    Mush schmoos n lubs,


  11. Menny beems comming from tihs West Aussie.
    (Teh doggie poo culd be awlmos funee if it waznt fore awl teh rest) 😉
    We Lubbs u an hoaping itz gud nyoos an farst heeling. {{{{{{{3KOM}}}}}}}

  12. *delurky-fies*

    3kom, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hope Dr. Tinycat has reassuring news for you.


    • Oh, spotty! fankees fur delurkifying fur my frend, Cindy! ai lurked long and long, iz ok to delurk if yoo wish, iz berry nice heer! they eben lubs me win ai iz crazy. *hedbonk*

      pleez tew come out an play?

      *sunny sings*

      * ebberywon else puts fingers inears*

      *sunny sings ennyway*

      say say say playmate,
      come out and play wif me?
      an bring yur kittehs three
      climb up my applol tree?

      climb up my rain-barrlol
      slide down my celler door
      and we’ll be jolly frends

      say say say playmate…
      ai canawt play wif yoo
      my kittehs has teh flu…

      (iz a song ai lernt in childhud, eggsept was “dollies” instead uv “kittehs”)

      but…but! teh invitayshun stands! schmooooz!

  13. Sending you beams from a Pennsylvania lurker. I hope your knee feels better soon. I never thought that I would write: “Thank goodness for that random pile of dog poo”!

  14. Wun ov teh great fings bawt beems is tehy is constantly replicating and lmutiplying. Sew U can has all teh beems I can find tihs morning, becuz bai tihs afternun ai’ll be all charged up again! Ai hopes Dr Tinycat sez u has beatn teh nasty ms!

  15. 3Kom {{{{Cindy}}}} Huggs tu u mai deer adn bestest weeshes, hopez, beamz and love dat u b styll in teh remyssion. *Remember, the Italians have a saying: to step in dog poop at the beginning of your day means good luck the rest of the day *!
    TrollingTomCat (I’m spayed, just really still kind of a gigolo)

  16. Oh, Sweets! am so sawry! please be getting bedder! um, well, doan no ifn will halpify, but ai wuz singin tihs ole nursery rhyme to spotty, hoo is a lurker, and…and! it okkerred tew me, iz abowt 3 kittehs! So ai will sing it agin, tew halp yoo get bedder, in order tew shut me up, becuz sunny cannawt carry a toon in a bukkit! (eben teh lolrus’s bloo bukkit!)

    *sunny sings*

    * ebberywon else puts fingers inears*

    *sunny sings ennyway*

    say say say playmate,
    come out and play wif me?
    an bring yur kittehs three…
    climb up my applol tree?

    climb up my rain-barrlol…
    slide down my celler door,
    and we’ll be jolly frends…

    say say say playmate…
    ai canawt play wif yoo
    my sweet fren haz teh borked knee…
    oh my! oh me!!

    (iz a song ai lernt in childhud, eggsept was “dollies” instead uv “kittehs”)
    (an ai chanjed teh last lines, a liddul.)

    An…an! ai means it, pleez be gettin bedder, yoo are tew good tew be borked, is just nawt ryte! I love you! *hedbonk* *purrs* *hugs* beeeeems!*

  17. {{{3kittehsownme}}}
    sending BEEEEMS awn high obbur teh Atlantic to pweese mayk 3kom b gitting well soonsoonsoon and to has teh pleh MS stay whare it belongs: In remission.
    Hugs and strenf cuming ur way. {{{3kom}}}

  18. Dis iz certanlee teh nawt-sekkund tyme ai’ve ebber ben thankfull fur teh stray doggeh poop! {{{{3Kom}}}} Sendin tuns uv teh heelin beems adn hope fur kwik getting bedder!!

  19. Eben moar beems from NooCherzee – I felded on mai knee wunst (stoopy mee tried to play basscatball) and it was owie fur a longtime but iz OK now.
    Hope Dr.Tinycat haz gud werds fur yoo.

  20. Britely britelier brite-brite-britlyest beems an praers 4 awl beng well an jus teh stoopy bootses an nawt teh stoopier MS ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

    Butt! iff iz teh skarry, Boss-ov-CC iz bigger dan awl dat an Hii kerry u froo.

  21. An heer ar sum hai beems coming in frum Meeshegun.

    An AI so HOPE it iz just a bit ov klutziness!

    Pleez let us noe waht Dr. Tinycat sez.

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