Gizmo haz FIV

Gizmo says:

ohai, ebberywun. *sigh* ai can has beems, pls? my beyutiful bebbeh Gizmo had tu go in fur teh blud tests dis moarnin adn dey fink she mite haf teh FIV, haffin catchd it befur she adoptified us. dey be runnin moar tests tu mayk shur, but ai has a beeg wurry fur hur. ai has red abowt teh disees on teh googlol adn it luks lyk, its sumfing she cud liv wif fur yeers wifowt it lowerin hur kwalitee uf lyf, but ai donut want hur tu suffer at awl… :(

Heer are sum pages wif info abowt FIV:


29 thoughts on “Gizmo haz FIV

  1. Ohai! – you are correct that they can live for years without their quality of life suffering….that being said, they can NOT be left outside to mingle with their pals…I only had the one kitty, Possum, and he was diagnosed in the end stages…he’d been feral and lived outside for years (I’m severely allergic so couldn’t bring him in or even pet him without wearing gloves.)…anyway, I finally got the nerve to carry him to the vet to be fixed. (I didn’t want to have an allergic reaction.) Anyway, he had what I thought was just a bad cold, but instead it was end stage FIV….but I brought him home and isolated him in the garage the rest of his few weeks…we’d walk outside on pretty days, and I had to figure out things to entice him to eat, but aside from that, he put on weight, his coat improved, and he was a happy and well cared for kitty until the very end.
    Keep us informed on what you find out, and if I can provide advice, having recently lived through it (Oct-Dec ’09) will be more than happy to share what I’ve learned. {{{Gizmo}}}

    • fanksewmusch Mitsubachicats…it was truly a labor of love of the highest order… I’m richer for having lived it and having him place his trust in me to do the right thing… in the end, there was no debate… when it was time, it was time…. but until then, we had a grand time. {{{Mitsubachicats}}}

  2. Yesh, the wilds has dangurs for kittehs who has to fend for theyselfs. Our Doo Doo, the original Catnip Junkie, had menne fites out in the wild before he adoptified us, and he too cayme down with FIV. Butt (!) he lived happily and strongly for a long tiem, and when he failed, it was pretty sudden ( 😦 leaky eyes). One peece of advise from experience, when weight loss is extreme, and energy is diminished, don’t wayte too long to give your kitteh the relief of a comfortable end. I hayte to even write it, but we let Doo Doo linger too lawng I finkso, and he suffered becuz we cudn’t bear the thot of him leaving us.

  3. Take heart and know this…that most cats with FIV live long, healthy lives. They will, in in the greatest percentage of cases, die WITH the disease, and NOT because of it. Good nutrition and vet care….and lots of love. Trust me, I have had (and will probably have) many FIV kittehs…and would not trade them for anything….throw away your calendar and focus on the good years ahead!!

  4. I haffa cat nao hoo haz dis, adn we don,t no 4 hao long hims haz had it, b-kaus hims wuza “strai” (akkually a “ebickshun” kitteh, wear da kitteh gotz putted out wif da furamatur bai da lanlor). ennieweigh, hims iz in hims “middlol teenage” yeerz nao, adn feeline plaiful adn friskee.
    Sew lissen 2 ebbriwun! Taek gud nootrishunal kaer, adn v.e.t. bisitz.

    Mai prayings go wif u adn ur bebbeh Gizmo.

  5. Brightest beemz and prayers and hugs from us. I don’t know much about this disease, but remember this: whatever Gizmo’s journey is all about, you are giving him the love and home that mean everything, and he is your kitteh and you are his mom forever.


  6. My views on animals are not the same as most peoples. So I will offer up a prayer to you and your kitteh. Great creator you have taught me so much about the great animal spirits and they help us in so many ways. I ask for simple a path that can be chosen for the healing for MommyGizmo and Gizmo.

  7. {{{{{bof Gizmos}}}}}
    Ai so sorri tu hear ub dis. Gizmo nao a “speshul needs” kitteh adn ai know dat you will do all you can fur her. Dis bad disease, but kitteh can lib long adn healthy life wif right care.
    Lotz ob beems and pingers (paws) crossed.

  8. Ebberywun, ai cant even bigin tu eggsplayn hoa much awl uf yur suppurt meens tu me *wyps leekey eys* Teh gud wisches adn beems r berry mush appr…apprey…ai has a huuuj graytful, adn teh advis is awlsew bery, bery useful. We still has crossd pawsis dat teh tests will com bak negatif (pleespleespleespleesplees) but if nawt, den ai no dat we will get fru dis. Gizmo (adn hur two frends, Marmite adn Moxie) ar awl indoor cats becos we liv neer a big road sew der wil be no chanj der, adn hur be inshurd sew dat will halp, adn we has an ossum dr. tinycat, adn ai has a grayt famblee, sew ai can has lots uf support. Adn uf corse – ai has mai cheezpeeps! {{{{cheezpeeps}}}} fankees tu yu awl fur litening mai hart.

    • {{{Gizmo}}} its awl gud….either way…it’s just one of those little hiccups inna rode… you’ll be richer for the bond you share no matter what… cheez!! (keep us informed when you get the results…we’ll be here to support and/or cheer)

  9. My Izzy was also diagnosed with FIV and FeLV yesterday. We’re doing what we can to improve his immune system and lengthen his life span. He’s too special to give up on 🙂 Good luck with your kitteh!

    • {{{sandysspot & Izzy}}} – dubble whammee – well – I sed afore…. sour cream mixed wif evaporated milk was Possum’s favorite drink uv choice until I hadda cut back onnit cuz he wuz gettin sew floofy hims cudn’t be jumpin up too eazee…but it does put on weight if teh sick kitties kin tolerate it wiffout too much tummy discomfort…that’s a side effect of dairy intolerance but could alsew be frum the feevers ov an infectshun…it werked for us in my kitty hospice fur Possum.

    • oh sandysspot, ai’m sew sorry fur yur Izzy. But it sownds lyk Izzy has a dedicated and bery luving hoomin companyun, adn she is berry luky tu hav yu {{{sandysspot & Izzy}}} let me know how yu awl get on, okay? beems adn hugs tu yu

  10. I’z habbed tuu doggies wif cancer — I hates teh waitings for test results too!!! *…waits wif Gizmo wif paws crossed…*

    Beemz continue full strength.

  11. Ohai! Ai hassa sorree to heer abowt Gizmo’s possumble FIV, butt ai allsew hassa hopefull storee. Mai kitteh, “Itty Fitty,” wuz dyagnozed wif teh FIV abowt ten yeers ago; she waz groed up wen she adoptified me, an haz libbed wif me fur abowt thirteen yeers, sew she iz at leest forteen. Sinse teh vet splained FIV to me, she haz ben a insied kitteh, an lass yeer we stopped all hur shots assept teh rabeez (teh ovvers were moar likelee to stress hur imyoonz dan halp pertect hur!) She eetz gud, hassa soft, thick furz, an playz wif teh goggie ebery dai! Teh FIV mayd no diffrens to hur lyfe. U wud neber no she hassa vyrus.

    Sandysspot, ai hassa sorree to heer abowt ur kitteh. Ai nawt no much, but aifink teh FLV is wurs dan teh FIV. Ef ur kitteh needz encoo–encow– halp eetin, an u want to gib teh milk, ai haz had gud luk wif teh lactose-free milk fur teh kittehz. Et seemz eezier on teh tummeh.

    Lubs to all,


    • oh JMixx, fankees fur shayrin yur storee – dat gifs me a beeeeg hopeful. we still (still!) hafnt had teh results bak fur teh FIV test yit, but we du now no she has caliche virus 😦 we noa has a huuuuj hopeful she dusnt haf teh FIV tu, as owr dr.tinycat has towld us dat wud nawt be a gud combinashun 😦 ai awlsew has a worryd bowt mai uver two kittehs…oh well, ai will continyu tu wayt adn den we shall see…

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