Donationz fur Silver

Silver’s story b further down deh blog az “Halp a Frend.”   Silver iz a berry brave and tuff liddlol doggie!!  But himz mom not b having a pile uv munniez az big az himz hart.  Pleez tu halping Ulrick wif dhe giant Vet bill.   Plz don’t feeling like u haz tu making a big donation.  If eech uv us givez a liddlol, it awl addings up.

LCB haz maded a donting linkee fur peepz hoo b wanting tu give a munnee oar tu fur halping Silver.  it b dat little pixor uv Silver over dere on deh rite hand sidebar.  Just klikking on deh pixor and it will taking u to a page whair u kin donating using ur PayPal account or a credit card. Iz Eezzy-Peezy, it only takez a minnit and u gitz a confirmation email.

Plz remember dat dis donation not b a tax-deductiblol contribution.  Dis is not an ‘official’ charity, dis is just ‘passing the hat’ for a frend.


16 thoughts on “Donationz fur Silver

  1. Hai! I’m in!

    Suggeschun. Cud we put LCB’s link sumware heer so it’z eezee to find? Oar maybe it iz an ai just dont see it??

  2. Urrrm. . . nevermind! 😉 Hardlee had ai posted that, when ai saw the darling littlol dog pikchoor!

    Sillee me. Hao cud ai think yoo cud hav forgotten this??

  3. ai cuddnt spayr much, butt (!) ai has gived wat ai can. (it tayks 7-9 days fur inter-nashunal donayshuns tu cleer – sew plees be payshunt!) Gud luck tu liddlol Silver!

    (Adn ai luvs teh fankoo goggie lol!)

  4. ai iz in awe ov u hoo kan setup da donificatishuns wif such an easiness. fankee fur doin dis 2 maek it nawt hair-pullin to donatify.
    ai’m hopin dat liddlol Silver getz beddur n beddur…do we gno if dere iz moar vet-stuffz required?, odder dan checzk-ups?

  5. ai haz a happi dat ai can helps da goggie Silver. Hurtin pets be muchly inna my heart.
    {{{{{Silver adn mommy}}}}}

    • *ai finkso mai mannors gotted losted wif my Frid-egg brain*
      Ai must be fanking LCB fur doin da help Silber link. Dis be bery jenerous fing to du.

  6. LCB, Cween, Mumrik, fank yoo awl fer gibbin us teh chance tu halpify liddle Silver. Dis a gud fing fer a poor liddle goggie hoo wuz nawt inna fayr fite. Stai strawng, Silver an Ulrika! *schmoo*

  7. Hello all you wonderful people ❤
    Silver is recovering well and later today I will snap some pics to show you.
    Him and I thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for beeing so sweet and caring!

    Hugs and Love
    //Ulrika – Silvers mom

    • U is welkum, Ulrika!!! Cat lovers are pet lovers deep down – they also like goggies and parrots and hamsters and bunnehrabbits and and and. And Silver’s storee is heartbraking, whether you has a cat or goggie or wotever. I’m glad he survived and glad that the vet could help. Now we do our little bit because teh burden becomes so much easier if it is spread out over many shoulders. Cheezluv goes around the world and back, yay!

  8. Seeing those pictures of Silver’s wounds makes me shudder to think of what he went through. What a brave little guy! I’m so glad that I was able to help…..thank you Cween MJ and LCB for making it possible!!!!

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