Silver’z Big Owie!

Luk at dis wut landinged in mai emayoz frum Mumrik!! U kin donating tu Silverz Vet billz bai klikking on deh liddlol pixor uv him on deh rite.

mai cween…

ai juss gotted hoam aftuhr a great dey tewgether wiff mai princess sienna, mai best fren lotta and hurz goggies, n two otter frenz n deyr tew goggies.
ulrika had sended me deez pixorz ob silver wiff de BEEEG “owie”, n uh lidduhl filmclip tew! (note frum mj: I can’t seem tu uploading deh video heer.  adn I b going owt fur a bit.  will try later! It showz deh brave Silver walking in deh snow.)

ulrika sed silver still iz sumwhut shaykee on himz hynd legs, butt (teehee!), de lidduhl gai b eetin n drinkin fur himzself nao, n so SLOWLEE he can has himz healf n strengf back!

ulrika b askin me baot lolcatspeak, n so ai directifyed hur tew sum ob de sytes whut b avay – uhveyluh – OUT DERE in saiberspeyce fur peepz tew luhrn baot lolcatspeak.
ai finkso ulrika b want tew luhrn tew speak aor langwich!

ulrika’s whirled b changifying nao dat she sees dat der reellee *B* peepz whut care baot otter peepz n animuhls aot dere…
n *mai* whirled b changifying tew, acuz ai awlso no can has dat much fayth in hyoomuhnkynd befor, n *nao* ai *can* has, moar n moar each dey.
‘mayzin – dere b no otter wurd fur eet!

gabriela (mumrik)


9 thoughts on “Silver’z Big Owie!

  1. Pour beybee!!! n wif oll dowse beeeg ouchies he pouses fer teh peeksure…
    Kerrege, hez doin it write!!
    Gabriela (beootifool neim aifinkso) yur a berry gud fren!

  2. ouch owie elebenty tiems. Dat’s gotta hurt. BUT – him be getting better adn better ebery dai.
    {{{{{Silver}}}}} {{{{{Ulrika}}}}}
    Fankies Mumrik fur da updates.

  3. Ai nose how Ulrika feels aftur discuvring teh Cheezpeeps.
    Sumtimes Ai wud get berry down on the huge manatees, an teh terrible wais tehy treets each otter and teh animlols.
    But ten ai fownd ICHC, and started to lurk, and saw teh most amazing lubs and generusmussness.
    Sew ai started to luk at mai own life, and to helps otters more, an ai alsew did teh maffs (not mai strowng sujekt).
    Ai figurs taht for awl teh lurkers liek mii, tehre is elebenty moar. an for awl teh peeps hoo has cheezharts butt hasnt found ICHC yet, multiplol taht bai an otter elebenty. An multiplol taht elebenty x elebenty for all teh otters who wudnt be intersted in kittehs butt dew nias fings, and all the otters hoo duznt has a ‘pyuter butt alsew has a kind hart, and well, wii has teh bad peeps owtnumbered, aifinkso! Bai lots! Sew teh whirled mite has sum hope after lol.

    *goes to lie down with a cold compress after all that maffs*

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