Beemz Needed

Oh deer!!  Diz cameded in mai emayoz frum Kat3Kets1Gog:
Mah Leej!
Wunnering if u b teh putting dis awn teh TownCry Er.
Lass Mundane ai habbing teh CaT (lol) scan to findins moar bowt dis too mer I got awn mah inside ladee bits.  today I gots fone messidg frum nurs at sir ginz orfice.  Shee sez too marrow I muss goe to horse spittal an habs ooltr sownn tesst awn mah libber.
Ai knoez dat Boss-ov-Ceeling-Cat iz teh awesum an helbs mii fayce whutebberwhutebberwhutebber, butt(!) ai haz uh skaird ennywaiz.  Teh libber kan sur, DO NAWT WANT!!!
Old fren awn Faceebuk sez maybe sir gin just be needin moar info B4 teh sur gerry awn Fried Egg teh 25ff.  Butt! dis test be noo 4 mii so ai haz nawt teh surreness abbowd dat.
Soe fressh an strong beemz an praers be much wellcom
Fanku  berry much!

31 thoughts on “Beemz Needed

  1. I know all too much about the scared__have had cancer 3 times 😦 chemo this last time.
    I also think the Doc wants as much info as possiable before surgery. They gave me manymany tests before my surgery.
    All you can do is trust–

  2. Wen mai mahm had teh lung cansir dey testifyed her awl up an down and sideways afore teh sirjury.

    Eggstra-strenf beemz tew u!


  3. O fanku awl! I leffted ree ply earleer butt! stoopy Weird Pretzlol eated it. Saying fanks (ai sedd dat, dinnent ai? Ai sez itt again!!) and habbing a impressd abot teh Cween an how fastfastfast she gottid this post up.

    I hoeps WP leebs dis wum alone!

  4. when ai had my kan-sir (endometreoidadenocarcinoma-kan-sir ob da lyning ob da uterus) ai had da ultrasownd of da uterus and area- does nawt hurt- yur dr needs 2 c as much as possible abowt yur innards b4 he does da cutting n pastin on yu. da more he can know bowt where and how big b4 he goes in, the quiker he can b in helpin you, and the sir-jury will b easier on you. dont worry, keep da good attitude- i b sendin da beems speshell deliberi to you ! heer dey b comin atcha, K3!!

  5. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Kat3Kets1Gog}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    Aifinkso it iz reelee verree nermal to bee skeered at this taim. Ai Sir Tin Leigh wud bee!

    So ai am thinking awl teh gud an cumfurting beemz ai can muster in yur direkshun!

    Ummm. . .an waht direkshun wud that bee?? Frum SW Korner of Meeshegun??

    Fur rite nao, ai’ll just shotgun tehm awl ober! Mennee ar bound to hit yoo – oar they will moast laiklee just majikally find there way to yoo!


    • Lemme see . . . u goez strayt den rite den leff den alongz teh big eiree lake and den . . .

      O yesh. Tehse b beemz. Dey goez in teh lynes ob straitness aifinkso.

      Otai. Souffeast 2 wessern Pencil Bainya. Ai sees dem. Hier dey com!!

  6. I agree with all of the above. If you have not had an ultrasound procedure before, it is very simple and unless they need to do a biopsy, it should be painless. If you are very fortunate, you will even have a tech who will warm the gel before putting it on you. Then they use a hand-held device, about the size of a Wii game device with a cord to the actual machine. There will be a screen visible for the tech to make sure that they get the correct area and can also measure and mark the films for the MD.
    Enuff reel lief!
    {{{{{{{{{{Kat3Kets1Gog}}}}}}}}}} Will bee sending beems foar helf and peece fur yu!!!11!!

  7. Kat3Kets1Gog I don’t know you but I still can give you beems. Great creator please be with kat3ket1gof as she goes down a path with unknown and uncertainties. May great healing come her way. I ask the four winds to be with the doctors and give them the wisdom they need at this time. Ahoo.

  8. Ai kawld teh sir ginz orfice dis mornmornmorning an teh nurs sed i waz hazzing teh inde– indeter– teh-nawt-shjure-wot-ittis leezhum awn teh leff lobe ov mah libber. Sed was nawt a mass an mah libber haz nawt teh ab normalz biggness. Teh ooltrasown wuz so culd see it bedderer dan wiv teh CAT skan, yesh.

    Tehy b gibbing mi teh pixors ov mah CaT scan dis affiternoon. Mah sir ginz orfice sez bring itt awn Furrsdy! I be lukking att my pixors awn mah puter an ai seez teh leezhum. O yesh, dat. I bery clebber kitteh an lukked awnlyne to sees whut thes fings are. i knoes noaw whii dey sed itt was teh nawt-shure kind.

    Dey tellz mii whut teh uultra sown sed Mundane aifinkso.

    So plz 2 be prarying iz onlee a sist! Thkuberrymooch.

    {{{{{{Awl the kind Cheezpeeps}}}}}}


  9. Beemz fur yoo! Ai nawt bisit heer offin nuff to noes/bemembur: duz yoo hab sumwun to goez wiff yoo? If nawt, we kan! Yoo hazza pawkitz or bag we kan klime intoo? We be veeeeeeeeewee kwiiet.
    Beemz beemz beemz.

    wkm n Maya

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