Furred Lunnon Innernashnul Cheezmeet

Heer ye! Heer ye! This be the Nouns Mint ob the Furred Lunnon Innernashnul Cheezmeet – a purrrr four mint in *cownts on fingahs; wun….too…add in daytoburf…carri the wun…..eye Bfor E…..errrrr* menne parts!


Setting; a bar in or neer to JK2Kittehs’ hoe tell

Tym: Evening

Dayt: Wensdy 30nd ob Joon.
Act Wun:

Setting: Sumwehre nyse in Lunnon, wun ob the Royl Parx, mebbe

Tym: Form cawfee tym til bedtym. Bring a piknik – big hats opshunal (sou’wester an snappy raynhuds myt be mor apro…aporp…papri…beddere!)

Dayt:Fursdai 1th Joolye


Mini-meet fur choklit martoonies, (tho Ai carn’t promiss tehy’ll be surfed bai YNGs) in Swindon, teh follollowing weekweeeekweeeeek.

Act Too:

Setting: Missus Miggins Pye shawp, or odder plaise taht has cayk and frills awn the taybul!

Tym: Teetym (ennetym arfter abowt 4 ob the pee em)

Dayt: Err, between Joolye 26nd and Joolye 29st.


Setting: Sumwehre in The Cotswolds, mebbe Laycock, or Cirencester or anodder purty plaice, neerbye

Tym: Hmm, lunchtym or mebbe teetym, or mebbe bofe!

Dayt: Caturdai, 31nd Joolye

We tryd to fynd a wun-syz-fits-awl dayt, to soot awl the peeps wot is travlin a lawng way to TTI – an fownd that wun syz donut rilly fit ennewun! So we has gorn fur a raynj ob tyms an dayts, tho mostlee arown Lunnon. Ebrywun is welcom to joyn in, butt(!) nowun is oh blyjed to attend awl parts – Ai canute eben garantee that Ai will be at orl parts, tho Ai wud lub to bee!

Ai will add in the dee tayuls, wen we dee syds awn tehm (sujjesjuns welcom!)



4 thoughts on “Furred Lunnon Innernashnul Cheezmeet

  1. Butt!-butt!-butt! If iz meetingz furr choklet martoonis in Swindon, whutt if awl teh cheez peeps getz lostid awn teh Majik Rounnabowt??

    Oar mebbe ebbrywun b eggs spurts awn dat, aifinkso.

  2. 🙂 NO WUN can pawssiblee be an egg spurt awn teh Majik Rounnabowt.

    Ai think teh majikal part iz, if ai were draiving, ai’d go round an round an round laik awn a caroosell. An wehn ai wuz dizzee – ai’d pik an egg sit an hoep fur teh best!

    Wheel see! Ai hoep ai can com to at leest wun ov them.

    • ohai JCH4K!! ai’m gonna be at teh finalleee!!! iz mai nawt-sekund dai in yurp dis yeer!! ai hopes yu can be dere!

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