Sad Nooz

Dis kumz tu us in deh emayoz frum SparkysMom.

sad news. 2day my son, Matt, and I made the horrible decision that it was Cookie’s (our yorkis goggie) turn to go over the bridge.  She was 15 yrs old.
In all her life, no one had ever been mean to her, or hurt her. She had never gone hungry or been homeless, or been sick, really, until the last couple of weeks.  But in the last month or so, her condition just kept going downhill. Last month the V.E.T confirmed our fears that she was now blind and probably couldn’t hear. She has had a mammary tumor on her tummy, about the size of a quarter- but they did not recommend surgery, because she was so small and old, the odds were against a successful outcome. And , he said, she wasn’t in pain, was alert and aware.

Well, gradually that changed. She stopped noticing things going on around her,  like people coming to the door, she stopped ever leaving my bed, spent all day and night curled up there.  She had 2b picked up and set down by her dinner or she didn’t eat. It was like she wasn’t here any more. But the real problem at the end ,was her eyes. They were infected, and looked really bad.  Although we had eye drops for her, they didn’t seem to be working and her eyes looked  worse every day. I called the Vet on Tues. and made an appointment for 2day, letting them know it was for bridge crossing.

They were very nice. When Matt got signed in and the tech saw Cookie’s name she said “oh, Cookie- come with me we have a room all set up for you”. So Matt didn’t even have 2 wait in the chairs. The Vet asked him how he wanted 2do it, and he said- “Can I hold her till she falls asleep, but is still alive ?” and they said “sure”.  so he did.  This 40 year old man had to stop twice on his way home to cry.  But he got thru it.  His cat, Mousse, had died in his arms last June, and he said he never wanted to go thru that again. Feeling the “spirit” leave the body of a loved fwend was too hard.

So, in the last 9 months we have lost Sparky, our toy fox terrier, Mousse, the kitteh, and now Cookie.

We still have four cats,  Pinky and the Brain ( 15 years old), Blackie ( ‘doptified foreclosure kitty) and Muffin (AKA: You, x-feral kitty, now a more or less tame house cat)
I guess we were lucky in that the bridge crossings were relatively stress free. Even at Moussee’s crossing, as hard as it was, at least we could hold him, and know he knew he wasn’t alone.

My heart goes out to all animals and their human friends, who must all come to the same place we were at today. It’s never easy, as we know.  All we can do is our best.  And I honor every decision-maker who has to make this awful choice. Love your animals and do the best you can- let your heart lead you. There is no right or wrong, do your best not to second guess yourself in the days to come- remember the good times, the funny, silly times, and keep on keeping on.

Sparkysmom, AKA Melody


27 thoughts on “Sad Nooz

  1. Ohhh – {{{{{Sparkysmom}}}}}, ai haz such a sad hart fur you. Dis be distressing ai know. Ai’ve had to do dis wif alla my kittehs when da tiem came. It neber gets eazier, but your brain sayz dat iz da right fing to du. Alla my symphafies fur you adn Matt.
    *Rest eazy Cookie, you iz inna da nicestest place eber wif many friends adn playmates*

  2. {{{{{sparkysmom}}}}}

    cookie, mai beardie boy whut b named totte iz waytin tew play wiff yoo in de meadow!
    run free, n look at awl de byooteeful stuffs whut b ober in de meadow, n b happee watchin ober yor hyoomans unteel yoo meet dem uhgen!


  3. {{{{{{SparkysMom}}}}}} I hazza sad fur you. >Leekie eyes< Sounds like was deh right fing, but still hurts.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. Three weeks ago I had too make that same decision about my 13 year old basenji. It was hard for me but I knew he was tired and in pain and that once he was across the bridge he would be so much happier and. Know that it is for the best and your friends are here for you too lean on

  5. Melody, I am so sorry…my little yorkie, Walter, came to me as an old, emaciated, scabby, nearly hairless rescue found along the side of the road…he weighed less than 3 pounds. I only had him for a few years…and he passed away lying in my chair when I turned my back to stir a pot on the stove….I was devastated…nearly hysterical for a while. My only comfort was knowing that during the time I had him he was treated like the little prince he was…your baby knew how much you loved her….hold that thought in your heart until the sun shines again.

  6. ohhhh, leakee eyes attwerk….sew sowwy fur you…been there, done that… mini, mini hugs for luvin your furrbabbehs so {{{SparkysMom, Matt & Cookie}}}

  7. SparkysMom–It soundz liek yu did absolootlii teh rite thing, but ai noe how hard it iz. Yu gave her a wunderful lief an when it could no longur be a happi lieh, yu did teh kindest an most loving thing.

    {{{{SpM & Matt}}}}

  8. Oh, {{{Sparkysmom and Matt}}} Sumtimes it be sew hard tew dew teh right fing, but u noze in ur hart ur littlol goggie is sayfe and whole in teh meddow.

  9. Beemz and luvs sendin to Sparkysmom and Matt and the Furry Babies, and {{{{Cookie}}}}. The storee tells how much luv you has in your hart and for your famillee, and Cookie knowed dat eben when she started her trip to the bridge. She had to go, an it sownds liek she had an eazier trip becuz of the care you and Matt gave her at the end. It is sech a hard decijion, but becuz we are luckee enuf to has the happies we has to have the sads becuz our Furry Babies needs us to do the rite thing. I will ‘member the strength you and Matt showed to help little Cookie on her way when the tiem bes here for my little Fluffball (now AKA Skeletor becuz of the weight loss) who has the liver failure and the kidney failure. She is still eetin (if I puts the hoomin babeh fuds on my finger so she can licks it) and she lieks to sit in the yard in the sunnyshiens and luk at the weeds. Fanks you for the storee even eff I got the leekey eyes thinkin of you.

  10. Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing. But, it’s the brave, best thing to do. Gentle hugs. You, your family, and and your furbabies are in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. Sorry to hear about your Cookie girl goggie! I am on the brink, deciding about my Angela, a super wunerrful kitty, now 17 yrs. old. Your heart tells you when, when you love them so very much! You made a loving, right choice for her. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I am so sorry to hear this, it is always hard when we have to make that decision, it is never easy, but know that you did what was best for your baby. Many hugz and lubs!
    Mama Cat

  13. Hugs…. I remember all too clearly how it is, after about 12 years for my golden retriever, Gerry. My cats are almost 14, still seem ok but I know it can’t be far off. I hope to be able to get someone to come to the house when that time comes. I did hold Gerry and the little tuxi Atilla before that. A clinical psychologist I knew at the gym recommended it to help with the closure. I had been out of town when a previous one left and it seemed she was always there behind me to be stepped on if I turned around. It did seem after 2 animals and my aged parents that I should be able to handle whatever else comes along, like husband ?????

  14. fank yu ! fank yu to awl da cheezpeeps what b senden der good wishes in my tyme ob big sad. Ai new yu guize wer owtder an wud halp me an my fambly an yu did ! an wyle my eize getz leeky and it raynes sumtymes on my cheeks reedin yur comments, sumhow it lifts my hart, too. Sumtymes it jest takes a few werds frum a friendly commenter to briten a dark day, and fur dat ai trulee fank awl ob yu what took sum ob yur preshus tyme to halp me n my fambly

  15. Yoo did bestest fing for ur little sweetheart. I will ask my boy, who crossed the bridge three years ago, to welcome Cookie and help her with the settling into paradise. I know she’s up there telling all the other doggies what a great mom and dad she has, and watching over you.

  16. so sawree fur yoor lawws. iz braib fing yoo did fur Cookie. teh brij izza gud fing, but (!) sumtiemz ai feel liek goweeng awl terrorist awn it an maik it go boom, poof, gawn. If no brij, tehy kan stai wiff us mehbee? mehbee nawt. too riskee to chans it. Beemz n hugz fur yoo n yoor famlee.

    wkm n Maya

  17. ai hazza beeg sad fur yu an yur famblee, Sparkysmom. Iz nebber eezy. ai helded mai miniachur schnauzer Cody when he krost teh brij, wuz teh hard but wuz comforting fur him, aifinkso. in 2 1/2 yeers, ai lost mai Cody, mai kittehs Chica an Stormy, an mai horse Max. iz a hard fing to du wut iz bestest fur teh furbebehs…
    {{{{{Sparkysmom an Matt}}}}}

  18. Lots of hugs to yu SparkysMom at tihs sad tiem. Teh hole taht Cookie has left in yur hart will, in tiem, be filled wiv teh happee memrys yu will keeping fur evver.

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