Party fur Princess Mu

Princess Mu haz sended mii dis emayo,  tu get deh werd owt.
Ohai Cween!
I has bin Missing mai Cheesepeeps very Much. I would liek tew anounce dat I r throwing mai myself a burfday party at NOM. ON the three oclock lol eastern time .  tuesday March 23rd. I’d luv every one tew come. I’d love to catches up with awl mai favorite peeps! The noms and drinks are on the house of course. Please, everywun, come and party wiff me!
Princess Mu

9 thoughts on “Party fur Princess Mu

  1. Ai’ll be dere wif bells on. Ai wuld nawt miss da Princess’s birfday fur anyfing. Eben atwerk, ai can sneaks away fur a few minutes.
    *nao – what to bring, whattobring, oh deer (dear) whattobring*

    • Ohai Kitty Rou! Yesh u does kno me and mrrphh an ur mom dus tew!I’m just a regular princess who hangs out in the medow and runs NOM wiff maus. I see u in the cheese frens area awlla da time, tho i dont git tew reply tew post very often cause of pleh werk. Sew u and mrrph an ur mom just come tew teh party, an enjoy teh free gushie food! 🙂

  2. Erlee happi birfdai, Princess! Yoor birfdait maikz yoo Aries aifinkso? Hope yoo hazza beeg fun an bestist yeer eber! Ai prollee furgit to attend so ai’ll apologiz naow …. mai memree purtee awful n ai’ll be at werk….but (!) will be teher in speerit to partee wif yoo n dans dans dans!

    wkm n Maya*
    *Maya prollee nawt come eethur…she sleepz eben moar tahn me! But *!* ai noez she’ll gib yoo a beeeg stretch to sillibrait 🙂

  3. Ai wheel quoat mi mama who uzed tu sai “I’ll be there with lard in my hair and my ears pinned back.” Sew ai shud bi ezy to spot!

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