Noo Moobie uv Silver

luuky wut camed in deh emayoz frum Mumrik!!!! iz awsum, Ifinso!!!

mai cween…

i juss gotted dis moobee frum ulrika.
lidduhl silver b ‘MAYZIN, no?

himz lidduhl hynd leggies b doin BERRY well, aifinkso!

silver has hadded himz all ober FIFTY stichees owt nao, n aifinkso himz V-E-T konsidduhrs him tew b a MIRUCUHL!
tayk DAT, wulfie!

no, ulrika not blaymin de wulfie fur whut happened.
we want de wulfie tew still b in de sweedish forests, but plz tew STAY in de forest n not b coming tew aor haouses, kthanx seeyoolaytuhr, mr wulfie!

/ mumrik
If u b wanting tu halp wif Silver’z HUGE vet bill, just klikking on himz pixor over dehre on deh rite.  It will taking u tu a donating page and u kin using PayPal oar a credit card.  Plz tu remembering, dis nawt b tax deductiblol contribution, iz just ‘passing deh hat’ tu halping a frend.

Silver and himz mommy thank you fur awl deh gud thotz and $.

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