Silver Fund Clozing Tuezday

Deh story uv Silver deh wunder dog hoo survivinged deh wolf attack haz touched many peepz!!  Deh cheezpeepz, and loldogpeepz and Failblog peepz haz opuned dhere hartz and pokkitbookz.

So far wii haz collectifyed $975!!!

Deh fund tu halping pay Silver’s Vet bill will b closing on Tuesday, March 23 at midnight ICHC time.  

Anywun wanting tu donate, plz b clikking on deh liddlol pixor uv Silver on deh rite.  It takez u tu a donating page where u kin uzing ur PayPal accownt or Credit Card.    Plz tu remembering dat dis just b passing deh hat, adn not a tax deductible charity.


5 thoughts on “Silver Fund Clozing Tuezday

  1. Ohai, mai leezh!

    I haz just making my donashun. Wii iz over yur gowl, aifinkso! Fankyu, LCB, four settering up teh fund fore lil sweetish goggie! and to mumrik and hour deer cween foar halping us halp him an keeping us informulated. Hi-yo, Silver!! KYS (Kunsider Yourslef Snorgled)

    • *snicker* Ai fink “KYS” shud be added to teh lolspeak vocaboolarry, like YNG and CCC. And fanks for halping us make 1,000$, Kwithie and awl teh cheezpeeps who put sumfink in teh hat. Is so AWSUM!!! Ai lubs me mai cheezfrenz. My real life frenz and famblee don’t “get” Lolcats and lolspeak and cheezpeeps, but ai noes and u noes and we awl noes wot this is ab0ut. Cheezlub rooles!

      • Yesh! Cheezpeeps and cheezlub roolez! Thair R menny kittehs an goggies and peepz taht needz halp, and ai haz a happee taht wen wii awl doo a lil sumpfing, it can bicum a beeg sumpfing. Fanks to **eberybuddy** hoo halps lil Silver an hiz mawm.

  2. dear frenz…
    ai r ‘MAYZED n humbeld bai de lubs n gibbingskilledness ob de cheezpeepz.

    lidduhl silver’s doin SO much bedderer nao, n himz V-E-T troolee konsiduhrs him tew b a MIRUHCUHL!

    mai whirled has chayndjifyed bai dis experiens.
    n ai has a BEEG praod tew b uh cheezpeep.

    FANK U fur halping silver n himz mom.
    FANK U fur halping *me*.

    *FANK U*.

    gabriela / mumrik

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