Shepmom Haz a Wurried

Dis caminged in mai emayoz tuday.

O great Cween,

I habs been deeplee touched by the cheezpeeps kindness to littlol Silver.  I has a wondering if teh cheezpeeps might hab sum beemz for my doggie too (not munies, but lots ob beemz).  My girl is a cancer patient.  She lost the front half ob hers lower jaw to cancer.  She hads three sir juries, radiations, and chemo.  Becuz it spred to one lymf node, dey sed she wud probable has abawt too yeers.  Dat was 18 months ago, and she still doing fine.  Ebbery four months we goes for check-up wif teh Dr. Tinycats.  She will habs her next checkupification next Toosday, teh 30th.  I has no reesun to suspect anyfing rong, but teh Dr. Tinycats say bad fings wud show up on teh xrays first, before symptoms.  So ai always has a big wurried when it is tiem to check, and more and more so as we approaches teh too yeer marker.  If teh kind cheezpeeps habs any moar doggie beemz left, we wud be so grateful for sum.

Fankees, hedbonks, and tailwags,


28 thoughts on “Shepmom Haz a Wurried

  1. Deer Shepmom….alla da cheeziepeeps will be sendin pawerful beems to your sweet lil goggie…never unnerestimate teh power ob teh beems! Yur bebbeh is a surbiber…an yu are a wunnerful momma to take such gud care ob her!! {{{Shepmom}}}

  2. I understand all about the worries.
    I got lotso beams and I share.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{shepmom& shepdoggie}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  3. Dear Shepmom,
    Your goggie iz uh hero, adn sew r u, cause of awl teh loves, hedbonks, schmoozes adn gud medycall cayre u haz giben herz for sew menny years. Here bee lotz ob beamz {{{{{{{{{{{{{shepmom & gogggie}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  4. Aifinkso teh moar beemz we sendz teh moar we haz tew send!

    Wut a wonnerful goggie-mahm u are!
    *Launches ICBM (Inter-cheezland Beeming Misslol* for shepmom and her brayve goggie!

  5. My beem mashine iz on full forse. My kitteh (Kidd) sendz hiz beems with lazers like Luke Skywalker fur da googie tu (him likes googies).

  6. Oh Shepmom!! Awl mai beemz ar belonging to yoo!

    This is such a hard thing to be going through. Ai had a littlol goggie wunz, an fur mee, teh sun rose and set upon hur littlol hed.

    Ai hoep all is still well – and teh GUD part is that she has yoo an she noes yoo luv hur. This is sooo much. An ai am shur yoo hav always made hur verree happee. The only sad thing about life an loving is that they nebber last long enuf!

  7. sending all kinds of beemz to you … patience beemz, support beemz, healing beemz, hand-holding beemz … any and all kinds of beemz that you need!

  8. Tehre is no limit to teh beems ov teh cheezpeepz, adn ai am sending yu hundrids adn fousands of beems furr yu adn yur preshus goggie
    {{{{{Shepmom adn goggie}}}}}}

  9. {{{{Shepmom and hur bebbeh}}}} Tuns of teh beems tu yu both. And remememembur, beems spredify as dey go furver, aifinkso, so dey shud helps in weighs yu mai nawt even x-pect.

  10. Many, many fankees and tail wags to all of you. Cheezpeeps are teh bestbestbest!!! I will lets ebberwun noe what we finds out. Toosday the oncology Dr. Tinycat will tell us wat she finks, and den a day or soe later we will heer frum teh radiology Dr. Tinycat. Den we will noes for shur.

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