Kulchurred Kittehs

O mai dis sowndz kewl!!   It came in mai emayoz frum jk2kittehs.

ai r nawt uh-soh-shee-ay-tid wif diz gruup, butt (!) ai fwot diz sownds

“Friends of Roman Cats” hazza too-ur uv ittuhlee cawld “Cats and Culture”. u
kin reed moar heer:


duzznt diz sown liek fyun??

— jk2kitteh


2 thoughts on “Kulchurred Kittehs

  1. I knows the ladee who is preysident of dis organization (w ww.friendsofromancats.org wiv no space in the www). She is very actif in kitteh rescyuu and is a verry nies purrson. So eff a Cheezpeep is lukin for kulchurr, chek owt the site!

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