Silver Fund Clozed

cweenmj says:

OH!! OH!! OH!!!

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!:



Deh Halp Silver fund b closed. Deh Cheezpeepz and deh Loldog peepz and deh Failblog peepz haz donatifyinged many munneez.


:arrow: $1028.38

Thank yoo, wun and awl fur donatifying tu halping deh brave liddlol goggie!!



25 thoughts on “Silver Fund Clozed

  1. W00t w00t!!!1! Ai iz n awe ov taht awesum sum!!!1!! {{{{{{Cheezpeepz, Loldog peepz, Fail Blog peepz}}}}}} Fankee mai Cween adn Lolcat Burglar fur halping us tu halp littlol Silver!! {{{{{{Silver}}}}}}

  2. ai r speechless.

    wen mai fren ulrika towld me baot silver himz encaonter wiff mr wulffie, ai was HORREEFYED.
    wen ulrika towld me baot hao eben dow silver b inshoord, de V-E-T bills b HYOOGE, n dat she not habs dat kynd ob munnees, ai was WORRIED, and SAD.

    wen mai frenz hurt, *ai* hurt, n wen dey worree, *ai* worree.
    n sow mai hyperactive brynz (ai can has “oooh, SHINEEE!” syndrome, aka adhd) startinged tew SPIN (well, AWLMOSS!), n aftuhr a whyle, ai finked dat mayhaps – MAYHAPS!!! – mai frenz de cheezpeepz kood halpings wiff dis.

    ai bleeb 100% in de paor ob cheezlubs, n ai hab been mobed on sebberal okkayshuns bai whut kan happin wen de cheezlubs is expressed in a *praktikuhl* way.

    but dis?
    dis eggsperience has halped me tew grow in mai faith in cc (n awl de expressions dat cc can has – in ebbery religion / wey tew look at lyfe).
    dis eggsperience has halped me tew grow in mai faith in de hyooge mannetee.

    ai has a HYOOGE happee dat ai has been blessed wiff de abilitee tew halp mai fren ulrika n hurs lubberlee boi silver.
    silver got himz lyfe back, n ulrika can has a lidduhl less BLACK in hurz lyfe, n moar grey, n awlso a lidduhl less misanthropy.

    ai r PRAOD tew b uh cheezpeep, n ai hoap ai can has kontinyood luhrnin curb tew b uh cheezfren.

    FANK U.

    *crais n hugs awl cheezpeepz, loldog peepz n failblog peepz*

      • Please be telling Ulrika that we’d love to hear of Silver’s continuing progress … and would love to see photos, too!

      • *snerk* Ai gnu it awl along, Mumrik! Yoo did a grayte fing fer Ulrika an Silver bai bringing it tu teh cheezpeeps an loldog peeps an fail peeps. Yoo fot wif yoor hart an LCB an cweenmj mayde it happen wif der braynes an tekkiness. Der IZ guud in teh whirld!

  3. HALLO, CHEEZYPEEPS ! May ai make a sugjestionn? Ai wish tew nominate widdle Silber as da “Offishial Goggie fwend ob Cheezland” !! ‘specially since we b mainly da kitteh peeps ! But da peeps b da lubbers ob awl da aminals- we could have an “Offishial Pinny Gig fwend” an mayb eben an “Ofishial ratty (yuck) fwend an an “Offishial Rakitty coon” or eben (wayt for it – – ) an “Offishial opposum fwend” ( well, we CUD!)
    meenwyle, pweese to keeps us updated on ower widdle Silber boi- we lubs him !!

  4. Awwww, shucks. Nao ai haz da leekie ayes… dis haz changefied mai lief, 2, adn awl hour lifes b a liddul bit beddur…thru da power ob Silver!11! adn CC!11!!
    {{{{{cheezpeeps, loldog peeps, Failblog peeps}}}}}

  5. Oh that bii wundermus news!!! Cheezpeeps, hotdogpeeps and failblogpeeps bii most wundermus and caring uf awl peeps!
    (Hope I nawt furgit enniwun.)

  6. ai haz huge respekt fur alla da cheezpeeps, loldog peeps adn failblog peeps fur their jenerous gibing to save Silver. Ai gnu dere wuz sum awesum peeps around.

    • GMTA, WKM ! My fot, zactlee ! Sumbuddt gibed 38 cents ? whu dat b ??? Ok, wayt a minnut- I knoz we sayd ebery little bit halps, ana cors, it DUZ, but still- – firty-ate cents ? makes me giglol ! who eber it wuz, ai fank dem cuz dey maded me laff, an dats wirf a LOT !

      act u ally I bet I know whut happend- paypal took a processing fee ob sum kind, ai betcha !

      • U b rite, Sparkysmom!

        Az LCB explained, “(boring truth) The actual total was a round number; this is the net after all the service fees, taxes, dealer prep, and undercoating were deducted.”

        I b happy dat wii got deh Silver-boi undercoated. Will keep him frum rusting. *nods*

  7. Ha ! Undercoating ! ai furgotted ‘bowt da undercoating ! Ai b a kal i fornia girl whu libed for sum yeers in new hampsheer- dey duz da undercoating der, but nawt heer. (owr cars b mor likelee to fall apart frum dryin out inna da heet den frum da rustin ! Aifinkso !)

  8. I’m not a regular here, I only clicked because I read the comment about Sparky. I just wanted to tell you another story that would further solidify your faith in animal lovers…my mom is being forced to give up two of her rescues (both mini schnauzers) because she has 6 and our township limit is 4. Our very rude neighbor called the township on her and now she’s in trouble. She wants to fight, but the money is too steep..we’d be looking at $700 for a zoning variance (which would have to be approved by our evil neighbor) and $500 a day in fines while we tried to get the variance. So unfortunately, it means rehoming two of our wonderful family members. A schnauzer group we are members of has pulled together and started a fund for members to donate to so we can make a trip to GA (we live in PA) to rehome one of our babies with another group member. Their support is unending, and it just reminded me of this.

    Congrats to little Sparky and thank you all for caring so much about animals.

    • That is a sad situation! Thank god for friends! I live in PA also and have read many a similiar story in The Morning Call. Lucky that I live in a rural/farming area or I’d have cat overload, even though they are neutered and there are no kittens born here. Good luck on your trip to GA and strength to your Mom.

  9. Love to you all ❤
    You made Silvers recovery possible and you have given me faith in mankind.
    Apart from this close encounter with the wolf, Silver leads a very quiet life but I promise that I in some way will keep you posted on what he is up to 🙂

    //Silver and Ulrika

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