31 thoughts on “Alysia Muoli

  1. sssshhhh – tippy toes in and gives a soft smooch on that cheek.
    *you have a beautiful life ahead with a family that loves you very much*

  2. Ohai, lord Aahz ! been wunderin where yu bin- not seen yu for a lawng tyme ! iz yu still being a skater purson ? did yu c da ‘lympics frum vancoober while yu waz waytin fur yur new widdle gurl ? (go, Evan ! an Johnny waz robbed !)
    She iz sew kubly, yur new babeh ! An yu gibbed hur a byootiful name.
    ( a word in yur ear: in abowt 13 yrs frum naow Ai want yu tew remembur this day when she starts spendin hur tyme slammin doors an rolling hir eyes at yu n hur mommee!)

  3. OMCC…**splort**…..such beauty is such a small package….we are all blessed to be witnesses to this miracle! Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. Dis mayks a change from the kitteh pictures!!! Not that I am EBBER getting tired of cyoot kitteh pictures, mind you, but this be a splortatious little bebbeh gurl! May she grow up surrounded by parental and cheezlubs!! Woot, woot from Upfi

  5. Congratulations, Aaahz! Shii bii sew byootimus! Mi faborite smell is mii dotters hair rite after hers baff. Treasure her! Nad let mama sleeps wheneber shi canz!

  6. Congratulayshuns Aahz an Ms Aahz awn teh noo arrival! She is beyootiful (teh noo babies is partiklarly lubberly wehn dey is asleep, ai finkso!)

  7. YAY!!! Congratulations, Aahz and fambly! {{{Aahz}}}
    Alysia Muoli, welcome to the world and may you have a long and very happy life! I know it all starts well in a family that loves you! I has a big happy for u!

  8. How wonderful, in a world of so many unwanted bebbehs, to see a bebbeh so wanted, so welcomed and so loved… *butterfly kisses on tiny pink utterly splortashious cheek*

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