Baby Aahz Arrivez

Aahz says:

Ohai, OzcatMum! Con-CAT-enayshunz awn ur so-low nawt sekkund!
Ifn U doan mynd, I iz gunna hyjak uh liddul pees uv ur tawp spawt 4 uh nownsmint.
I iz teh happytayl 2 nowns teh ryvul uv mai noo dotter. Alysia Muoli wuz teh bornded awn Toozdai at 6:18 inna eevnin bai Caesar… Seezar… kuttin oapin teh mommee. Herz wuz 7 pownz 1 owntz, n 21 inchiz lawng. “Alysia Muoli” izza kawmbinayshun uv Greek n Chyneez naymz watt meenz “captivating jasmine flower”. Evvywun iz teh dewin fyn, butt (!) we can haz noo preesheeayshun 4 teh werd TIRED;-)
Naow bak 2 ur regyoolerlee skedyoold LOL…


13 thoughts on “Baby Aahz Arrivez

  1. Congratshoelaces! I didn’t know a baby was on the way … this be bery eggsciting! Happy news! Glad all is well.

  2. Ai dint noe eether!! But hao wunderful – an waht a prittee nayme!

    Nao just go to bed an get sum sleep!! 😉

  3. Hey, Aahz! I’ll tell the folks at Cheezfrenz—they will be thrilled to hear! Congratulations, and GOD’s best blessings on you, baby, and mommy!
    Love you lotses! —janey

  4. Aahz!!! Tihs iz teh wunnurfull n00bz!
    Gib teh liddlol jazmin flour an hur momma a BEEEEG hug (taht whey yew git wun tew!)

    May yew haz ‘nuf sleep vry soonly!!

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