Burfday Lizt

Over deh last year I haz had several peepz asking fur an eazee tu use burfday list.  And I haz luuked arownd and nawt ben happy wif anything I fownd on deh web.

So I maded a place where peepz can b seeing deh birfdayz uv deh Cheezpeepz.   It b a littlol blog cawled Cheezpeepz Birthdaze.  It b having a seprit page fur eech month, wif a list uv dayz tu put namez on.  To git on deh list, just going tu Cheezpeepz Birthdaze. There u will finding eezee instructions tu haz ur burfday added tu deh list. Fur privacy reazinz, I only put up deh birfdayz uv peepz hoo b asking tu b on deh list.  (So far, it just b mii and JCH4K on deh list.)

Plz tu b noeing dat dis am NOT deh Burfday Fairy’z list.

I haz putted a linkee tu deh Birthdaze list in deh Cheezee Stuff linkz on deh side bar.


6 thoughts on “Burfday Lizt

  1. tahts right, dis am not teh burfday fairy’s list. but i, teh burfday fairy, will sumtimes comparify it to teh Offushul but Far Frum Compleet Burfday (Fairy) List to see if haz anywun i needs to add to mine.

  2. Ohai, mai cween! Pleeze tu bih putteng mai naym awn teh Burfdae Lizst – mai burfdae is March 1st.

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