Nicewitch Enterz Contest

Dis b kummming tu mii in deh emayoz frum deh Nicewitch.

‘*has a shyniss*

Um, ai has entured a cawntest tu win a cawntract tu blog foar Canadian Gardening magazine. Ai nawt noes ifn it halps oar nawt, butt (*!*) ai’d reelee preesheeate as mennee peeps as pawsibul tu reeding mai entree at  Canadian Gardener Entry and leeving a commint. Der bees abowt 170 entrees, an teh ‘Most Commented’ wun gots ober 75 commints – doan noes ifn dat inflooinsis teh jujis, but it cuddint hurt!! Fankees!!’

‘Fankees summoar – ai hoeping dis will halpify mii tu getting owt ob mai stoopee-landlud-nayburs-an-bailaw-ossifur-indoosd (nawt tu menshun Wintur) dipreshuns.’


24 thoughts on “Nicewitch Enterz Contest

  1. Ohai Nicewitch. I’d luv to halp u. I couldn’t follow the link, it timed out on me. But I think I found a back way into the contest and found ur blog (same number#) n left a comment. Let me kno if I got it rite! I’d luv to share gardening idees wif u, too.

  2. what Cattails and Momchan said … first, it took a couple of tries to find your blog, then a couple of tries to get my comment to post. Very, very best of luck … I love your entry. I had no idea one could collect butterfly eggs! What wonderful things you are doing … it reminds me to look around to see what can be accomplished with time and energy and devotion.

  3. Ohai, Ai has lefted a commint tu. Ai notissed taht it cownts hao menne taims ur blog has bin vued, tu. Guud luk, Nicewitch!

  4. Hai, nicewitch. Absolutely loved the article: such passion! Tried to post a comment: my fone said server error. I will try again tomorrow from real computer unit. Once again, thoroughly enjoyed the article.

  5. Nicewitch–I lubbed yur clum. Yu haz uhppreshun uv teh reel joiz uv garding, an it shohed. Gud lcuk.

    P.S. My comment hasn’t showed up yet (I’m Anne), but I’ll keep checking and repost if I have to.

  6. I knew you were passionate about Monarchs from your beautiful website link–my husband and I are passionate about heirloom varieties (tomatoes, especially). I’m waving to him digging!
    NOW, halp! Doez ai needz an Kanaddian Postal Koed tu sub-mitt a komment? Does u haz a handi-wun ai kan borrowz? Ebbriting waz smoovesailin until dey finked ai didnt hab wun ob dem.

  7. I left a comment too! I’ve grown and released painted lady butterflies, but never any monarchs. I’ll have to find out what the eggs look like and keep an eye out! We’re expanding out food and flower gardens this year, so any tips to do that on a budget are always welcome! Good luck with the blog contract.

    • Tomorrow, I’ll post some pictures of Monarch eggs on my profile. Meanwhile, the best site for pics and info is – most of what I know about Monarchs, I learned from them!

  8. Gud luk wif da kontest! Ai leftedd a commint tu. Ai werked at a nersiree fer 8 yeers an miss it sososo muchlee. Mai littlol gadin has tu do, an ai is encurrijed tu du moar!

  9. Oooh, u haz lots uf comments now and lots uf viewings! Gud luck, Nicewitch! BTW, we haz a lotta monarchs visit us each fall so if u want to send an “ohai” along wif one uf em this year, I’ll watch for it!

  10. Mennee, mennee fankees tu ebreewun! Wii nawt get teh rizults untill teh 15f, ai finks – ai kiiping mai finners an towsees crostid. Ai finks dat, ifn ai nawt win dis, ai wil du a blog enneewae, awn teh Grate an Turribul WP sins ai gots teh akownt dere. Hmmmmmm ….. wut tu rite, wut tu rite …..

  11. Akktuallie, dere iz a delay-response 2 mai postingz, and dey boff (!) went up! Gud lukk–ur up 2 30-postz nao!

  12. Juss gotted bak frum my loliday an am kattching up on stuff on mai pyooter. Ai hab reeded your blog and tryed, an ai hopes suck seeded, two leaf a corm mint on it. Gud luk.

  13. Mennee mennee hyooj fankees tu awl ob yu foar ur wunnerful cawmints – yu halpt mii tu beeing taid foar sikst plaes(owt ob 198!!) foar ‘mostist cawmints’, wich wuz beriberi gud foar mai eego. Unfoarchoonitlee, teh jujis choas a winner baest awn uvver seekrit craiteerya, an ‘nummer ob cawmints’ duz nawt seam tu bee wun ob dem. Teh winner (hoos naem ai kant merembur rite nao) bees a yung mommeh wif abowt a nacre-anna-haff sumwear owt awn teh Prayerees (gardning zoen 3, wich ai fink meens spring-summer-fall lasts abowt 17 daes, an awl teh rest ob teh yeer bees froazin oar mud). Seh gots a beri ennertayning stile ob ritings, an her blog shud bee fun tu reeding foar teh nekst siks munfs. Ai stil gunna du a gardin blogging, ai jus hazzint desaidid wevver ai’l start awn WurdPretzul oar wate til ai gots mai website set up. Ai gunna wate til mai gnu meds clik in, dough – uvverwais, wud bee a beri boaring nawt-happee blog cos, wifowt mai meds, ebreefing in teh whirrld bees a yukkee sluj culler tu mii. Fankees agin foar awl ur encurrijmints, yu maed mii feel beri lubbd an supoartid, jus liek yu awlwaes du. {{{{{{{{{{Cheezfrends}}}}}}}}}}

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