NativeCa66 b Recubberingz

OH mai CC!!!

I noo a few weekz ago dat NC66 wuz habbing deh gall bladder attacking, and den I din’t heering ennymoar about it and I fergotted about him.  😦  Bad cween!!  😦  Just luk wut him haz postinged on himz profile!

Had mai bladder de gaulle remoobed awn 3/15 wif komplimacayshuns inkloodin pulminairii emlolizm, gnumoanya adn illyus, wich izza kompleet shutdown ob mai bowowlol sistum. Been owtta komishun foar 4 weekweekweekweeks, anda week afor da sirjury wif attax adn hebby medicayshuns. Hoapin 2 git bak 2 mai cheezfwends.

Plz tu joyning mii in sending him deh beeemz and gud thotz fur gitting moar and moar bedder! ~~ mj

25 thoughts on “NativeCa66 b Recubberingz

  1. Oh My NC66! Datz bawt gud. But at least you’re onna da road to recobery. Rests well and heal my friend. Beems, huggs, adn snorglols.

  2. Ohai, NC66! I am so sorry to hear you have been through this! I’m praying for your complete recovery. GOD bless you bunches, and i know you’ll be up and around soon.
    Love you lotses! –janey (altosinger)

  3. Ohai, NC66 ! pleez 2b recubbering n comin back 2 da cheezland wif us, yur cheezyfwends ! gust remembrr da “widdle enjun dat cud “ai fink ai kan, ai fink ai kan!”
    sir jury kan b tuff, eben wif owt da complikaishuns, an ai know dat when nit enbolves da tummy parts recubberin kan b really, ummm- errrr- messi an diffacult – keep yur, ummm- CHINN up !
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(beems ob feelingud2NC66>>>>>>>>>>>>

  4. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{NC66}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    adn lotzlotzlotz ob hedbonks adn schmooooozez tu!

  5. Yeeek! Majorhyoojginormus PLEH!!!!!

    Plz tu getting betterwifakwikness!

    Beems an lubs an gentul hugs an purrs an moar beems an hedbonks and fings coming frum here!!!!


  6. NC66, lubs, hugs and beems uf well being for you!! Pleez get better soon. All well wishes, good thoughts and prayers coming your way. We all miss you and wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you soon!!!
    Hugs and smoohs to you!

  7. Holy frootloops! Yu has been fru a tuff battle an das da troof…I hopes yu are startin be be feeling bettur soon, NC66…we be waitin fur yu to come bak an play wif us!!

  8. omai omai omai omai CC
    beeemz fur awl deh heeling fairies tu stae atchur syd wif dehr heeelingnesses an dehr flawerz ob gud helf. MMMMwah!

  9. Deer NativeCA66,
    Ai yam sew souree yew haz teh pleh komplikashuns frum the gaulish bladdur. Teh payne ob the bladdur spazimz alloan ar baddenoff (bin der, noe TeeSuret, dough).

    Plz tew bii taykin kayre ob urselv. Wii awl haev hour beemz aun hi foar yew.

  10. Tell Shirley dat she bedder be nize tu yu an be hepping yu tu get bedder kwiklee. Sending heelin thots yur way!

  11. sending you heeling beemz frum northern catifornia … my goodness, what an ordeal u has had! I finks u got a lot more adbenture than u bargained for!

  12. {{{{{{{{{nativeca66}}}}}}}}

    nawt DeGaulle Bladder!!!!!! Youse stai awai frum doze frenchiefied fings, an stik tu boppin’ peeps wif teh gud ol’ piggle-bladder -awna-stik… mush bedderder, ifinkso. Horspittle iz no plaice fur fun cheezfrenz liek yew.

    Now getz yerrself helfy agin, sews Aye kin getz bak tu “lurkin & laffin” at yew. Okai?

    Beeegggggg Schmoo onda topz ob yer hed.

  13. May the great creator give you the strength you need for this aliment. may your strength come deep within yourself to understand it. Beems to help your healing.

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