Piggeh … Unplugged Reprise

Congrats, annipuss!

I can borrow this space for a minnit? Kthx.

Frenz, did u miss last weeekweeekweeek’s Piggeh… Unplugged consert? Or was u there and want to relive teh eggsperience, teh candlols, teh glowstix and teh buckets of tears?

Then u is in luck! LCB Productions, in uncooperation wif Piggeh OINC, proudly resents: teh DVD! Act Now and u also get a souvenir glowstick, ShamWow and vial of tears cried at teh concert!

Plz to see Angel Plume for payments and click my bloo name for ur copy of teh DVD. kthxbuy


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