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This Young Family Needs LOTS of Love and Beemz!
Last night another little Human Angel crossed the Bridge, she would have met up with The Nitewatchman, and probably had quite a few rides on the Carousel with him, before leaving the Meadow with lots of “Big” Angels.
This special little girl was called Grace…she was so well named…Grace by name and nature, but was called “Gracie” by all who knew her.  She was a very dear playmate to my 4yr.old grandgirlkittn. When we told both of my grandgirlkittns that Gracie had died and gone with the Angels, our 4 yr.old said..”But Gracie was my best friend, and I won’t be able to play with her anymore.  Even though I have other friends to play with, no-one played like Gracie !”   Out of the mouths of Babes!!
Grace’s parents are Carmen and Steve, and her 1yr old brother is called Charlie.  They are of course,devastated…..but also relieved.  Gracie was diagnosed 6 months ago with an inoperable, aggressive Brain Tumour.  She had Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, but because of the position of the tumour surgery was not an option.  She has spent most of this last 6 months in hospital, but was eventually discharged and able to come home, as there was nothing else that could be done for her.
She was able to be around those who loved her, and see all of her little friends before she left.  She died peacefully in her sleep last night, at home with her favourite bedtime toys, after having been kissed “goodnight” by her family.
Carmen and Steve (and Charlie), have had a really rough time virtually “living” at the various hospitals to be with Gracie.  They now have to go back to a “normal” life, as they have Charlie to take care of, but of course it will be very hard without their beautiful girl.
Although, all of you wonderful Cheezepeeps are busy with your lives, could you please spare a moment to send some loving “Beemz” and if you so believe, a prayer or two for the family, it would be so appreciated.
Luv Hugz and Thanks to all …. kittycatlion  xoxo

19 thoughts on “Gracie

  1. Sending love and beems to {{{Grace, Carmen, Steve and Charlie}}}. May God bless them and comfort them in this time of loss.

  2. It is my hope that someday we will find a cure for the insidious disease of cancer. Blessings abound with love and sunbeams to Gracie’s family. My heart is with her family.

  3. Tom and Carmen, i don’t know if you will be able to read this, but you are in my prayers. when our littlest died, it was an awful shock—and even with the knowledge that she was going Home, i am told that it is still a shock. I pray for you—that the LORD will hold you up during this hardest of hard times, and that you will be comforted with GOD’s comfort. I hold you close in my heart, and trust that you will know His presence. As long as life is, it’s short–we can’t believe that our little Jeremy left us almost 25 years ago! It seems like yesterday, and yet like forever. GOD bless you, dear ones.
    All my love—janey (altosinger)

  4. Gracie’s story makes me cry. I send beams with all my might to her famblee and friends. What a loss for humanity! Let us not forget how unique everyone of us is. Every cheezpeep counts, be it a kidlet or a grown-up. Cheezlubs to awl!

  5. My beemz and prayers go out to Carmen and Steve and Charlie. Treasure the memories of the good times Gracie had in the few years she was with you. Take comfort in the thought that she is past all pain and suffering. Hug each other often. May God bless and keep you all.

  6. Beemz in abundance from us, and many many prayers.

    “Lord, we entrust Gracie to your never failing love and care, knowing that Thou art doing for her better things than we can desire or pray for…” (Book of Common Prayer)

  7. Great creator I ask with what heart I have, to be with this family at this time. May the grand creation unfold for this family at this time and let them see the light that can be so strong at this time. I ask the great white bear from the north come and surround this family with love and beems of good energy. taahoo.

  8. My heart goes out to this family. What a loss and for one so young. My mind can never grasp why parents and children must go through this. There must be a reason. Why is an answer we will never have. It just is. Small words for such a loss and no comfort in them. My heart is bleeding. Hold tight to each other and never let go.
    {{{{{Gracie and family}}}}}

  9. Many beams to Gracies family. May Gracie be held in the arms of the Grandmother, while the Grandfather stands over to protect. She is now home, and peaceful. May that same peace be sent to her family.
    Many Blessings
    mama Cat

  10. I add my humble prayers and beams to the waves of love and compassion sent to Carmen, Steve, Charlie and their beloved Grace.

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