Animlol Cruelty

dis caminged in mai emayoz frum Wildbreeze.

–(lolspeak off) Brazil’s National Congress is currently considering passing a bill that will decriminalize cruelty to domesticated animals. If this passes, animals in Brazil could be abused or seriously injured, and pretty much nothing would be done to the abuser. If an animal lover reported seeing an animal being abused, little or nothing would be done about it. Please go here: and add your name to the letter that will be sent to the President of the House of Representatives asking that this bill may be defeated. I may not live in Brazil, but I’m taking a stand for these animals.–

(lolspeak on) Fankew fur reeding.


7 thoughts on “Animlol Cruelty

  1. I belong to this organization and think they do good work. Please consider supporting this action and them, too.

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