rhsb needz sum beemz

I gottid dis in mai emayoz frum red:

Ohai, cween!

Dis comin Caturday (teh 24nd) iz wen I has to go see Dr SkinCat foar my 6-munf chek-up.

(I has teh histree of teh skin cansurs – Melanoma – so I seez Dr SkinCat ebery 6 munfs foar teh full-bodee skin chek.)
Ifn him sees sumfin dat luuks suspishus, him duz byopsee.  Den I has to pacepacepace foar a whole WEEK befoar I kno teh rezults.
Plz to axk teh Cheezfrenz to send “no suspishus-luukin stuffs” beems dis direkshun awn Caturday moarnin.

14 thoughts on “rhsb needz sum beemz

  1. heeling beemz to you all weekweekweek long from California! You know, at least you GO to the doctor, in spite of the anxiety … that’s good! And brave!

  2. ***********nosuspisioslukingstuff***********

    beems for yoo, red {{{{{rhsb}}}}}

  3. Oooooh, I noez da “no suspishus lookin stuff” thots an beems very well as I haz da history wif skin cansirs too. Mai 6 munf check-up is coming up in June! Lots and lots and lotslotslotslotsLOTS of no suspishus lookin stuff beems to you, Red!


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