SparkysMom Needs Beemz

Dis came in mai emayoz frum SparkysMom:

Ohai, mai cween !
I gotz sum gud news! Gess wat ai did 2day – com on, gess ! no, really, try 2 gess!
Ok, yu gives up !

I WENT TO DRTINYCATFERDABIGSAD ! No, honest, I really did ! an, an, an, she gibbed me a pres- um, presk, er,………a peesapaypurfortogetdamedisin to try for getting owta da valley ob sad, an on2 da hills ob normal (havent seen dees hills inna lawngtyme)
lolspeak/off- been suffering from depression and agoraphobia since 9/06 (didnt leave my house at all from 9/06 till 3/08) i have been trying to pull myself out of it alone, and have made itty bitty steps in the right direction but no where near where i need to be. So my son convinced me to go see his dr (eventho she is not on my ins ! 1 office visit, no labs = $140.00!) and we talked and she gave me a prescription, an,an,an,,,,,ITMIGHTWORK!
for the first time inna long time i have hope 2 get better !
ifn yu haz aminit, ne beems wud b apreesheated to help my spirits go up where they blong– kthxbai!


29 thoughts on “SparkysMom Needs Beemz

  1. {{{{{Sparkysmom}}}}}
    Yu hab takken a Hew Mon Gus step, aifinkso!!! Dis is so in teh rite direkshun!!! Aihazahoap datdis will haelp yu hab teh lief dat yu want tu be libbin!!! Lawts uf teh guud thinkin beems comin yur weigh!!

  2. Oh, I am so happy for you!! I sure do know that feeling!!!! It sure is a wonderful feeling, isn’t it, hope? Hope and Faith togehter are a buttkicking combination. That is what I am experiencing now. My last week has been physical misery in my sobriety. Pure jump out of the skinness. But I had to expereince it to see the insanity that is my life. I pray that everything goes well for you and you get what you need. Lubs and schmoos frum yer dawnkey!

  3. SparkysMom,
    *BEEEEEEEEMSSS* to you! I am hoping that the meds will work for you! Just keep in mind, they take a little time to build up enough to kick in, but when they finally do, it is wonderful!
    Cogratulations on the bravery it took for you to get out of the house and go. Agoraphobia sucks, I know. Please keep us posted on how it is going, ok?
    *more BEEEEMS* and BEEG HUGS

  4. Ai sending beemz ov helth adn lubs tu yu! Ai noe all tu well wut ur going fru. Ai has had bery guud rezultz wif Pristiq ER….beddur tahn Effexor ER. Beddur libing fru medikashun! Guud luk, SparkysMom!!!!!!!1!!!

  5. fank yuawl my cheezyfwends for yur beemsohoap ! I shared my little Big news here bcuz ai knew in my hart der b peeps here whod unnerstand beddur dan moast what a big deal this really was fur me. thank you so much

  6. Yay SparkysMom!!!!!!!!!! ShatzeesMom is ryte – you has taken a hyoog stepstepstep!!! You diservs to liv teh happeetayl lyf an you be doing ‘zactly wut you needz to be doin to get dere! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{SparkysMom}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  7. gud, gud, gud. itz difficolt 2 acept dat de medz r worth a tri.

    sumhow, ai thout it wuz weaknez oar a cop out 2 admittz dat da sadz r reel. u kant jus will urself 2 com outz frum da deep depression or anxiety.

    ai’m happi 2 here dat u wil tri da medications. sumtymez u gotz 2 tri severel be4 da rite 1 kickz in.
    last bit ob advise: b as kind and patient with yourself as you are to others. derz lotz ob cheezpeepz dat wishez u well.

  8. YEAH! Beems snorgles headbuts happytayldanses – eberyfing ai can fink ob to selebrate. You is ausume to be getting da helps. Adn brave!

  9. Beemz and happy danses for you! It is very brave of you to go to the doctor. Meds may take a while, and/or may need adjusting, but your life can change for the better quite dramatically. I’m so happy for you.

  10. lolswpeek off

    Please do not feel that you are somehow responsible for the way you feel. Would you feel responsible if you were a diabetic and needed insulin? Depression is a chemical mess in your (and mine) brains. We need the meds like a diabetic needs insulin. Also, please remember that if one med does not work, there are others. If a med quits working, there are others. We WILL overcome!
    Luv an beems…..

  11. *lurker mode to off*

    SparkysMom, I wish you all goodness, happiness, and joy! You deserve to feel better. Keep taking care of yourself!

    *waves at all teh Cheezpeeps*
    *lurker mode back to on*

  12. I hope you have a winwin win. Sometimes, I have to look back a bit to see how far I’ve come along.{{{{{{{{{{SPARKYSMOM}}}}}}}}}}}

  13. Dear Sparky’sMom, i pray that all goes well for you with this big step! We are all cheering for you, and you are not alone!
    Love you lotses—janey(altosinger)

  14. SparkysMom – Hang in there with all your toes…things will get much better. We are here for you. Lots of Beems your way…..

  15. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemz on highest setting! I also haz a big prowd of you. Beemz and prayers and hopes for joy.

  16. Dear fren….we are AWL sendin yu teh biggist, warmist, bestist beems eber! I have bisited dat balley of sad maiself…eben to teh point ob teh doctortinycats tellin me I hadda stay wif dem fur a cuppla weeks….dey helpt me fru wif lawtsa talktalktalkin an meds…pleez du what dey tell yu an doan fergit teh meds whin yu starts feelin a liddle better, kay?
    Yu habs ar lub an support…(ps, if you need someone to talk to, write to me at dis address…dlh1031 at …jus change teh “at” for teh @!
    Bigoleschmoo fur yu!!!

  17. Sparky’s Mom–That’s great news, aifinkso. Now you may have to have some faith and patience, but when you find the right meds, you’ll see a big difference in your life. I know that for me the meds just filled in the bottoms of the valleys-I was still me, but when I got sad I didn’t get as sad, so that I didn’t have a shadow in the background all the time. And I know that it can be the same for you.

    Take care of yourself–lots of schmoos to you!


  18. *beems awn hie!!!*


    ai hoaps yu feelz beddur sune!!! dere ar too mush beeuty owt dere too stai sadly n incide allatiem…..

    fro eggsampl dere ar kitteh showz 🙂


  19. Sparkysmom, awl teh cheezpeeps ar supportin yu on yur wai to teh hillz ob happeeness, yu noe tihs is nawt a jerney yu is doin alown. It mai be uphill but yu will mayk it, juss wun step at a tiem adn yu alredy mayd teh biggist step by bisiting drtinycat.

  20. {{{{{{{{sparkysmom}}}}}}}}}
    miniminsmum is rite – u mai nawt alwaze fiil like it, butt u is nawt alown! Wii will bee owt in teh whirled, fnking uv U an sending beems. It was beri-beri brave uv u to go sea drtinycat, sew plees bee kind and pashint wif yurself!

  21. Dew gnaught undermizestimate da power ov da *luv ‘n’ ‘elf beemz* dat wez sendin tew u rite nao!11!!!

    Alzo, reesurch ur dietz adn dai-lite adn exurcize requiremintz. Hopin dat Dr. TinyKatz hitz wun outta da bawl-park fer u!.

  22. I haz a prowd of u going to see DrTinyHeadshrinkerCat fur yur sad! Gib the meds tyme to wurking. Changiz at furst myte be berry subtlol.

    Warmest beemz to u!!—->—> {{{sparkysmom}}}

  23. Ohai {{{{{SparkysMom!}}}}}
    Tho you walk thru teh valley of sad, you do nawt walk it aloan! Sew menny o bus is rite besyd you adn behynd you fallwing yur leed. You haz a grate bravery fur looking hao to make a briter life! Don’t give up hope or be inpatient and stay positive!!! Life can INDEED be very brite and byootyfill!! ❤ ❤ <3<3 ❤ <3<3 ❤ ❤ sending hart beems on hi 2 u!

  24. Ohai, yu guize ! Nawt-sekond, let me say yu r awl amazin ! Sew much kindness an support ! Fank yu, fank yu ! Awl da beems n hugz n good wishes an da sharin ob da good feelins, it truly halps.
    Sew ai gotz da meds on mon, an had to start da hbp med furst for a couple a daze to b sure no bad side effects, then start the goawaybigsad pills today- sew far, sew gud. No driben while asleep n naked yet!
    2moro is da furst test ai gotz sumfin happenen dats usually strssful 4 me, lets see haow it goes.
    probableee 2 erlee but yu neber know. I no yu wish me well- I can feel da beems!

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