Call for Recipes!!

Luk at wut landinged in mai inbox frum Nennepus!!!!
Call for recipes!!

Hear yee!! Hear yee!!

We do like our noms here in cheeseland – don’t we??

We do like animlols – dont we?? kittehs and rodints and laygomorfs and… OTTERS!!

so – why don’t we pool our resources and do a….


Cheeseland cookbook to raise munnehs for the otters!!

So what do I want??

Recipes!! your favorite non-copyrited, royaltee free recipe, in any area of cooking!

*whispurrs: we dont want Martha Stooarts lolyers or 😯 Gordon Ramsay himself landing on us with a toona of bricks…*
If you have a pikshoor of the dish – send it in too!

About the recipes…
All measure shud be convertablol to and from US imperial/UK imperial or metric. Please convert measures like sticks and packets a.s.o to a proper weight or liquid mesure…

If ur using a very local ingredient, please eggsplayn what it is and what it can be substeetuted with…

You can send as many recipes as you want! (but we might have to set a limit, if we are flooded wif entries… 😀 )

Wehn the buk is finished – we’ll sell it froo cheeselands online shop at cafepress – but moar about that later!

where tu send ur deelites??

to nennepus att yahoo dott com

Entries should be in by may 10th!


6 thoughts on “Call for Recipes!!

  1. Ohai mai cween! whut a wondermus ideea!

    just FYI — no combination of ingredients or method of cooking can be copyrighted. It’s a lot like knitting patterns (on which I am knowledgeable) — you can’t copyright how to knit a sock, any more than you can copyright how to knit, or the color blue. The only thing you can copyright is your specific presentation of the instructions (which includes photos).

    Opinions vary as to how much you actually have to change before it becomes a “new work” — but for the most part, recipes are pretty fair game for retyping or just changing around a few words. After all, how many recipes are there for, say, beef and noodles?

    OTOH, if you call it “Sasquatch Surprise” and trademark the name — a trademark is not something you want to violate.

    You can’t trademark a common word, such as “good” — but sometimes people spell words in unusual ways so they can trademark them… Hmmm… maybe title alla resipees in lolspeek!! 😯

    I will be sure to contribute a few uv owr favorit resipees!

  2. Ai wud happlyee partis…partuci…dew it 2 if ennybuddy has enee eye dears fro websites to help wif the conversifying? Mai poor maf skills, let mii show tehm to u. Peeps wud end up wif cake for elebenty taht tastes liek sawdust!

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