Gud Nooz Frum Kat3Kets1Gog

Dis b in mai inbox.  Lukz like awl deh gud thotz fownd dere way to K3KG!!

Herez teh noos frum teh horspittal abowt mii dis morganz!!
Puttin teh blog linky awn seemz teh bestest an eezyust.
Fank u so muchmuchmuch mai cween, an fanks to all teh Cheezfrens!

5 thoughts on “Gud Nooz Frum Kat3Kets1Gog

  1. fank yoo for teh updates. glad yoo are home now. 😀

    no cancer is very gud nooz! so it sownds like yoo just haz sumfing to watch an be vigilant for. follow ther instructions on how offen to get chekkinged owt by yor doktors, an i feel sure yoo will be fine. take care ob yorself {{{{{K3K1G}}}}}

  2. Hello, my sister in Christ! I praise GOD for all He is doing in your life, and that even in this shades-of-grey time you are seeking to glorify Him. I am praying for you, and trusting that He always does (or permits) what is best for us. If it’s any consolation, in the several years since i had my ladybits out, i haven’t missed them at all! It has freed me up greatly from many difficulties. He Who began a good work in you will be faighful to complete it! GOD bless you exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think!
    In Him—janey

  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! We will be doings teh happydans all day for teh gud nononoNO cancer gnus! Dere is a hyooooooooj differuns between cancer and notcancer-but-might-recur-and-still-won’t-be-cancer. And eben between cancer and sort of pre-cancer. Just keep self well check-outified with teh Dr. Tinycats! We iz bery glad u iz back in ur hoam comfiness.

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