3KM’z Sister Needing Beemz

Dis b landifying in mai inbox frum rhsb. *setz beemz on ohai adn pointing demz tu deh soufeezt.*

Ohai, Cween!

3km has asked me to email you.  Her sister (who lives in FL) recently broke her leg.  She has been told that she MUST keep weight off it for at least two weeks or the break will worsen, causing her to need surgery and pins.

To make matters worse, her sister’s fiance was just diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer!
Please post on the Cryer and ask everyone to send beems that direction.




15 thoughts on “3KM’z Sister Needing Beemz

  1. Okay, Red—
    Father, i lift 3km’s sister up to You for fast healing, and the fiance’ for a miracle. Please meet them at the point of theier deepest need, and hold them close in Your arms. I ask in Jesus’ Name—amen.

    I trust you are hanging in there, dear one? we haven’t seen you over on Cheezies, and i wonder how you are and pray for you. Drop in when you get a chance, okay?
    Love you lotses! —janey

  2. Many beems to your sister. May this situation be time she needs to rest and think about life and
    the things she needs to do.

  3. Thanks for the beems and prayers everyone. Ithinkso they are working. Sisters fiance has small cell lung cancer, but it has not spread. So that is very good news. Dr. sounded optimistic about treatment working. He will start chemo and radiation soon.
    Sister has 6 more weeks of borked leg sayeth the bone Dr. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts and beems. Cheezfrends be the bestest frends!!!!

    SCHMOOOOO to all!!!

  4. O yeshyeshyesh! Beemz ohai an brite 2 ur sisstur an her legg an hur fyansay an himz lungz. May teh Holy Sprit b teh wae shii goez an teh way he breeves an ebbrywun getz teh bedderer an bedderer wiv lotsuv helps 2 be doing fings fur dems an pashunts an awls. An hugz 2!

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