Old Lurker, Still Lurkifying

I gotted dis in mai emayoz!

Gud morningz mai kween!

Ai r not ded. Ai ar not eben wet! CC muss lub me. Nash Vegas iz slo lee recubbering but (!) mor fluding iz eggspected an mor rayne dis week week week end. CC halp uz!

Lubs an snorgles,

Old Lurker


8 thoughts on “Old Lurker, Still Lurkifying

  1. Hi ya!

    We’re on high ground, but the water is over the road within walking distance of my house…an, an, an, the state truck is parked across the road at my intersection blocking traffic…so I hazta detour to get tu werk…butt (snerk) it’s all good…got a dry house, got lecktricitee, got a jawb… did I mensnhun, it’s all good. 😀

    an, an, an, cents ewe axed, its y’all… 😛

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