Tooth Beamz Needed

kafleen says:

Cud I plz hab Halping Beems and Prayurs fur Donkey toofy?

I has hurty tooth much time noaw and I cannutt take strong medicine.

I has appt tommorry fur it to be filled. Butt! Mebbee is too bad to be filled. Mebbeh needs a root canal…I cannut afford root cannal and den will has to hab it pulled and wait another couple weeks. Too much too explain here, so please to be just gibbing beems and prayers dat I gets it filled tommorry and dat it all goes well, pleeze?

Thanky. ♥

24 thoughts on “Tooth Beamz Needed

  1. oh, u sweetie, ob cours u kanz hab awl da beemz it takes tew maek it beddur. *huggin u from da astral plainz*

  2. not second…. BEEMZ

    next… Pweez doNOT gettin toof pulld owt. (Unles it iz one in da VERRRRy bak.) Ai miss mai missin toofies so mush. Ai hab TMJ frum all da missin toofies. Da par-shal teefs are da YUCK!

    Meny Dr Tiny toof cat will take da pay mints.

    • I noe ur pain. I has two on teh bottom dat wur pulled, and dey are a big problem. I need a bridge but cannot afford it. It is teh pleh when chewing. 😛

  3. OMCC! I putted dis on ICHC, and was going thru my emeow and saw it wus putted on here!! How nice is DAT?? Thank you so much!!

    I seriously, seriously want teh beems and prayers. No sympafies are required, but if yu gibs den, den bless yer hart. I hassa faith that beams and prayers will takes care ub dis nasty little toofy wutt gabed me sooooo much trubble!!

  4. Sending lots of loving healing beemz your way. Asking CC to help you get the right treatment for you tooth. Achy teeth are pleh.Thinking of you. Hugz.



  6. You betcha, sweetface! You know you are in my prayers–for freedom from fear as well as freedom from pain. GOD bless you, dearest!
    Love you lotses! —janey

  7. Toofbeemz toofbeemz toofbeemz toofbeemz… We sends extra best hopefulations that awl will turn awt well for yoo!

  8. {{{{{{{BEAMS}}}}}}} for toofi. As one who has had much toofprobs, root canals and bridges, I send you courage, strength and the power to black out the now.I sit and close my eyes. I visualise a gleaming smile. No pain. Beautiful teeth. And I send this picture out to the unverse, fill it with rainbow colours. And the universe is sending it on to you. All is well! This too shall pass …

  9. Ooh, Kafleen — ai too is a veteran uv teh hurty toof warz, sew ai nose yur pain. Menny toof beems comin yur way! Hoep awl goes smoovly wif yur Dr. Tinytoofcat.

  10. O yesh! Beemz an praers fur teh dennis bisit!! Furr gud solushums 4 nawt much munnies! An bery bery liddlol paynz. Or nawt enny. {{{{{{{{{{{{teh strwang don kee Kafleen}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  11. U nose ai sends u beems ebry dai, butt ai will alsew send toofbeems. Hoapfullee Old Lurker is rite and Dr Tinytoof will let u make pai mints.
    U kiip fitin teh gud fite!

  12. Oh donkee, pleeze tu tayke deez beemz {{{kafleen}}} beeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wif u tu Dr. Tinytoof. Sew ur toofie can just be filliefied adn DO NOT WANT root canal!! Adn no payne, adn no problums!!

  13. prayers and good thoughts for a positive outcome…I read that you were going to have to have a root canal…be strong, have faith, and try, try, try not to worry too, too much. {{{Kafleen}}}

  14. Many many beems to you! You can haz much sympathies too! I hadda badbad toofache last month and dr Tinycat sed there were 2 bad teef and would need to fix both ob dem! I’m lucky and hab good dental insurance, butt(!) it still don’t cover all and I didn’t hab da munnies to pay for 2 root canals and crowns!! SO, Dr. Tinycat sed lets fix the one tat hurts the mostest, which we did and NOW da second toof don’t hurt AT ALL, so it will only need da fillings and that can wait until I can save up more munnies!! SO I will be sending my good luck and sympathy beems along with my healing beems. Here CATCH! {{{{Kafleen}}}}

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