Portland Origone Cheezmeet

jd says:

***********ANNE NOWNS MINT**********
The Portland Oregon Cheezmeet is provishunal for teh 29th May, munch time, att eiber Powell’s Book Store’s “World Cup” tea shop, OR “The Tea Zone” tea shop, whichever ennywun prefurs. I’m open to other suggeschuns.
Foar teh shy, catnip will be provided.


6 thoughts on “Portland Origone Cheezmeet

  1. Dats a Caturdai adn a gud wun fur me. Ether plaise iz fine az long az ai get gud direcshuns (Google map or my streets program are handy). Count me in.

  2. Ai wud love tew be coming, as ai missed teh last won wif a sickness, 2minions offered to pick me up, but iz way way outa her way…will look into max line etc, as ai donut like tew be driving into pdx, altho…altho…although! ai am teh eggsyted an wud like to go.

    If stoopy pleh sociophobia lets me loose fur a day…oh! ai wants to come!

    😳 ai haz nebber been to powell’s, but haz always wanted to go.

    Haz nebber been tew a cheezmeet *wistful* but haz always wanted tew go.

    Will try hardet tew git there, fankees, jd!

    • KAFLEEN! You comin to da cheezmeet? YIPPEE. Me tu – just across da riber in Vancouver. Ai finally gets to meet my favoritest donkee.

  3. well is just down the road so aifinkso i mite has to come down and meet the oregonian folkses

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