Tidmumz Daddehz Goggie Goez tu Bridge

Tidmum says:

Poor Pollyanna.Mai Daddeh is soooo sad. There has been Spotty Dogs at home for more tahn a qwarter ob senchurie. Is teh end ob an era :cry:
Go well sweet Pollyanna. Yor brudders an sisters ar waitin for yoo in teh meadow. Tehy has all teh teetowlols an shuz an pears an termaters yoo cud possiblee want… ;)


11 thoughts on “Tidmumz Daddehz Goggie Goez tu Bridge

  1. They give us the happiest times – and the saddest times. My throat closes up when I think of all the dear brown, green, yellow, blue eyes that have left me behind and crossed the bridge. But I believe in reincartion and reading one of Sylvia Brown’s books the other day, she said a curious thing. She said that when we cross over, all the beloved animals we have partnered in ALL of our many lives are waiting for us, wanting to be first to greet our soul, and very often the human souls waiting to welcome us can’t get through! So there she is, Pollyanna, playing and leaping and bounding about, but when you arrive, she’ll be right there to meet you with the others. {{{{ love and comfort}}}} to you all …

  2. Oh, Claire, i am so sorry to hear this! I am praying for your dear daddy, you, and the whole rest of the family. This is SO hard.
    {{{{{{{{{{Claire’s fambly}}}}}}}}}}
    I miss you, sweetie, and hope to see you on cheezfrenz soon.
    All my love—janey

  3. I am so sorry. Animals don’t measure love, or give it conditionally, or dole it out — they just, without reservation, give us everything they are. When we can’t touch that soft fur anymore it can be hard to remember that they still love us from the bridge just as much as ever, and we will have joyful reunions beyond imagining.

    Hugs and prayers at this difficult time.

  4. TM–Aim sew surrii tu heer abut Pollyanna. Now yull haz tu bii glad when yu rememburz hur, an ai knoe yu an yur fambly will.

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