Miz Foofytaylz Tea Room

Oh Hai!!

Cweenmj heer tu telling u a bit abowt Miz Foofytaylz Tea Room.

Az sumz uv u noez, deh mental helthz b wun uv mai kunsernz.   It wuz an undiagnosed depression that tookingifyed mai son from me.  I haz notissed dat a gud mennee uv ower peepz haz mental helth issuez, maiself inkluded.  Wen deh depressionz hittingz peepz dey feelz like dey am deh onlyest wun dat feelz so bad, dat dey not b werf deh lubz and caring, etc, etc.

Dhe Tea Room am a place for Cheezpeepz tu kum wen dey b fiting deh ebil depression oar anziety oar uzzer such problemz. Oar b deeling wif lubbed wunz hoo b habbing deh problemz.  Here peepz will finding deh kumfort uv tea and sympathy.  I know dat peepz kum tu ICHC fur deh frenz and kumpassion, but deh Tea Room b a speshul plaice fur wen dey b habbing deh overwhelming “AAAARRRRGGGHHHH” dat dey not want tu airing on ICHC.   Dis iz for peepz wif reel, serious issuez. Itz fur peepz hoo iz on, oar mebbee shud b on, medz fur deh hedz.  (I takez deh zoloft.)

When u b stopping bai tu talk, wii will lissening tu u.  Wii will talkingz with u, nawt at u.  Wii will gibbing u deh reassurancez dat u am deh wunnerful person u awlwayz wantinged tu b.  Wut wii b offering heer b deh hope, unnerstanding, encouragementz adn lubz.  *Miz Foofytayl nudgez deh cween.*  And tea. Wii haz tea!

Wii iz NAWT deh mental health professionlolz.  Wii duz nawt b deh counsillorz oar therapists oar psychaiatristz.  Wii iz just kunserned frendz.  Wii kannawt “fixing” u aor ur problumz.  But mebbee wii kin making dem luk a liddlol smawller.

Deh Tea Room is a refuge fur deh weary adn a plais uv hope. *Miz Foofytayl nudgez deh cween.*  And tea!  Lotz uv tea!!

Az awlwayz, deh LOLspeek iz optional.




8 thoughts on “Miz Foofytaylz Tea Room

  1. u adn ur mynionz r da awesumest ov awesom 2 b doin dis fur ebbriwun wifawt rekompenze…excebt da rekompenze ov shmooz adn lubz… fankeez!

  2. The House of Mrrphh relies on Ms Floofytail’s Tea Room to gain some insights for us. My husband is being treated for severe depression with history of psychotic break. Medications and Group are doing completely wonderful things for him. But, of course, it’s not just him. Oh, my! How that disease effects the whole HoM!

  3. Ohai, Majesty! Just want to say its a wonderful idea. It’s sometimes so hard to open up to friends, to family, to people you know – I think its marvellous of you to initiate this. Shoulders to cry on who don’t know you, but do care. I am sorry for your heartache. Thank you for thinking of others …

  4. I am going to try to find out where or how to post this, but if I don’t, I’m still going to let you know that my mom is probably going to pass away tomorrow as I cannot stand to see her suffer any longer and so I have asked the doctor to pull the life support tomorrow and I am very sad, and would like to have some cheezlubbs and prayers for strength.

  5. Oh, kitkay!! I’m so sorry about ur mom. {{{{{{{Kitkay}}}}}}}
    Ur being brave and very responsible. Our harts go out to u, as well as beems, prayers, hedbonks, patpatpat, cheekstrokes, snorgles, lovs n hugs.
    If u’ll go to the area that lists the day’s posts at the tearoom you’ll b able to contact the day’s current post and get on so all who subscribe to miz foofytayls tearoom will b able to encourage and sympathize, etc. Don’t forget to subscribe to it urself.
    Once again, strength to u. Do what u have to do and kno we support u.

  6. I would like to use this room! I don’t know how to speak LOL but I think I can learn. ( I heard that being bilingual can prevent Alzheimers.) I have controlled my depression with medication but stress sometimes is a trigger for it to worsen. I”m keeping an eye on it and usually doing well, although I’m pretty tired of this winter!!

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