Kawl fur Resipeez Extended

Nennepus says:

conga meeces and mambo rats!!
tee an bikkies for awl!!
*sets out elebensies boofay with sordid bikkies, fresh tee and cawfee an joosis*

Nao – aim just gonna hang dis slitelee batturd and frumpee sign rite heer:

Call for recipes!!

Hear yee!! Hear yee!!

We do like our noms here in cheeseland – don’t we??

We do like animlols – dont we?? kittehs and rodints and laygomorfs and… OTTERS!!

so – why don’t we pool our resources and do a….


Cheeseland cookbook to raise munnehs for the otters!!

ht tp://www.ottersandbutterflies.co.uk/

So what do I want??

Recipes!! your favorite non-copyrited, royaltee free recipe, in any area of cooking!

*whispurrs: we dont want Martha Stooarts lolyers or :shock: Gordon Ramsay himself landing on us with a toona of bricks…*
If you have a pikshoor of the dish – send it in too!

About the recipes…
All measure shud be convertablol to and from US imperial/UK imperial or metric. Please convert measures like sticks and packets a.s.o to a proper weight or liquid mesure…

If ur using a very local ingredient, please eggsplayn what it is and what it can be substeetuted with…

You can send as many recipes as you want! (but we might have to set a limit, if we are flooded wif entries… :-D )

Wehn the buk is finished – we’ll sell it froo cheeselands online shop at cafepress – but moar about that later!

where tu send ur deelites??

to <b>nennepus att yahoo dott com

Entries should be in by may 10th! 20th!</b>

Nao – ai is going away on a short roadtrip – aill be back neggst wednesday – could someone post this for me, every nao and agin?? we knead more recipes to make the book absolootleh fabyolus!!

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