Kat3Kets1Gog Gunna foomigating teh cansurr bugs

nooz frum mai emayoz:
Awl hayle, mai Leej!
I can haz kommuni– koomoon– tellifying teh ladest awn mii an mi pleh cansurr.  Witch cud be a holeholehole lotz wurst!
Iz teh loooooooonnnngg post.  If nnybdee wantz 2 skipping too boddum, is k wiv mii!
I ahz teh poyntmint wiv teh kemo dokter awn teh 27th dis munf.  Start treetmints in Joon aifinkso.
Alwaez fankful 4 teh beems an the praers!!
Schmoos to awl,

16 thoughts on “Kat3Kets1Gog Gunna foomigating teh cansurr bugs

  1. I do not have much to contribute, but I do have this, and hope it helps.

    My mom said when she had to have chemotherapy, she made the mistake of driving home. It affected her mentally so he was driving through red lights after stopping at them. Be sure to have a ride!

    Also she said that peppermint and coke helped.

    That is all your humble donkey has to offer. I hope it is somehow helpful, maybe to someone.

    Prayers and beems for your chemo.

    Lubs, and donkey hugs,

    • Yesh ai haz heareeng tatht two, bowts teh drybbings. An teh mints. Iz teh troo aibleevso.

      Mee ai duz nawt liek teh Coak. Maybee will be taystingk gud during teh kemowz ennywaiz?

      Fank yu! {{{{{{{{{{The nyce and helpingmus Don kee}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  2. i read the whole thing at your blog, it sounds like you have made a very wise decision. the prognosis sounds good. you have my beams an prayrs for a full recovery.

  3. I think you have made a wise decision. I pray that you have no nausea or other side effects, and that there is no recurrence! GOD bless you exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think, dear sister!
    Love you bunches—janey (altosinger)

  4. Prayers and great hopes during chemo. My husband had Hodgkins Lymphoma and a very good oncologist with a very agressive treatment. One thing he found about mid-way thru chemo was the best tasting thing he kept having was Instant Breakfast (chocolate flavor). He was diabetic too, but that Dr. said anything he can keep down is okay at that point. He also drank diet Dr. Pepper or diet 7-Up. I’ve found that 7-Up is great for me when tummy is upset.
    {{{{{Kat3Kets1Gog}}}}} beemz on hi —->O

  5. ohai , K3K1g ! ai b finkin yu b makin da rite decishun for u, yesh mam ! if ai can add an idea to whut da donkey sayed- coke syrup is what helps da sikkee tummees. yu can getz it from yur pharmacist, it comes in small bottles. pour a tablespoonful or so over 1/2 cup of crushed ice (ai putz it inna pretty crystal footed dessert dish) and it a beri old remedy for da uppyset tummys. awlso oil ob peppermint works too, and dont forget ginger- dees awl b medicins been werkin for hundreds ob yrs. pweez dont forgdt us when yu b havin da chemo- member ders lawtz ob us owt heer what hab speerience wid it and b willin to halp wid ideas for yu. meanwhile, heer b lubs ans hugs and beems for yu ! shmoos an {{{{{{{{{{k3k1g}}}}}}}}}}>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>beems>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • O whut teh gud idees! Mai Farm Macy b in teh groshree stor so if dey no can haz Coak syrp in teh Frammassee, meebee awn the shelbs??

      An dis mindz me, ai haz sum mint oyl frum su;m candee ai didz nawt made at Catmuss! Iz otai if b SppeeerMint?

      Ai leiks teh putting in pritty cryslol dish. Verry very nyce, aifinkso!

      {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Sparkysmom an awl the Cheezfrens}}}}}}}}}}}}}

      • Kat3Kets1Gog – google “coke syrup” – you can buy it on-line if you can’t find it in a store. Read your blog entry. Sounds like you’ve made a great decision and I’m glad your doc presented your choices so clearly … I’ll be holding you in the Light.

  6. K3K1g, it sowndz like u did lawtz and lawtz of finking and arribed at ur goodest decishun fur ur own self. Is a hard fing to balancing, but aifink u did gud!

    Ginger be mai faborite fing fur the sickee tummee – ai kin get sum nommy candied ginger at teh produce/fish store which is berry tastee and reely heps teh stumick.
    At leest here in teh us, the syrup cums in lemmin flabor,tu.

    We bee finking ob u and sending beemz always (autobeem on to K3K1g!)

  7. Both of my dogs have been on chemo, and the one thing I quickly learned is that perception of taste changes. Foods that were favorites were rejected, and things they had never been interested in before were gobbled down. I would say experiment, including foods you might not usually like, and go with what works.

    Best powerful beemz of healing and peace for you on this journey!

  8. O, yesh–wad Shepmom saided–aftur ai haz a sur-jury, mai tastee-buddies were (adn still are) out-ob-wack. Somefing dat waz tastee yesturdai tastes liek pleh todai. Dis b “normul” fur some peeps…mai huzzbin doesnt eben say annifing annimoar, juzt siiiiiissss…

    You know you are in my prayers, and here’s some extra hugs for you, too.

    (say, do we have a general, all purpose prayer list for Cheezland?)

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