SparkysMom on deh Medz

I haz fownded dis in mai emayoz frum sparkysmom:

ohai, my cween !
(can yu postify dis onna town cryer ? thank yu !)
halp !  as yew may ‘member ai b trying da meds for thebigsadness- ai neber tried dem bfor, and nawt sure how 2tell if dey b werkin.  da furest one definetly NAWT werked- got sadder, nawt beddur !
but naow ai b tryin med number 2 and gotz no siyd fects, but ai been takin it 4 two weekweekweeks and der bii widdle goodnesses but nawt wakin up wif big smyles an nawt runnin round owt n abowt.  am sleepin beddur an focus/consetratin is beddur.  ai b takin da smallest mount onna list- shud ai try more?
how did da meds halp yu guys ?  what wud yu recomend?
fankin yu for yur halp !


12 thoughts on “SparkysMom on deh Medz

  1. I’d talk to the Dr before trying more meds…I don’t wake up with a big smile every day and would worry lots about anyone who did every morning..Some days up,some days down.. Love you lots,glad your better.
    Sads are nasty,sneaky little things,glad you got yours on a leash even if they arn’t walking at heel yet..

  2. I b glad u am beeing brave and trying deh meds. It b gud tu remember deh medz duzn’t MAKE u happy, deh medz LET u b happy.

    Deh gud sleepz and deh focuz and consentration meenz deh medz am werking. If ur Dr. sed “take wun oar twu eech day” adn u b taking wun, I wud step it up tu twu a day fur a couple uv weekz and see how it feelz.

    Iz gud tu give eech dosage a couple uv weekz to werk, dem am nawt majik pillz, it duz take time fur ur hed tu getting used tu deh chemiclol change.

  3. Dear fren….sumtimes deze fings takes bout 6 weeks tu git workin good, k? If yu are nawt habbin BAD sidaffeks, den dat is a gud fing….an deze medz will prolly nawt make u all smileyface…but dey WILL keep yu from fallin bak intu teh pit of blakniss….moastly what I speriense is jus kinda leveling ob my emoshuns…no big happies, no big sads….but definitlee moar peeceful in maiself…
    Alla teh cheezies are wif yu in spirit….minny of us hab riddin dis ride minny times… WILL git bedder, I promis! Jus keep doin whut yur doin, k? Bigoleschmooforyou!

  4. I agrees wif Debbie. Mai son has to be on hims meds for 4 weekweeks before docturs will make any changes cuz it takes time to build up to the right levels in the body. If you are noticing good changes in 2 weeks that is a good thing. Let yourself take the time to get healthy. {{{sparkysmom}}}

  5. fank yuse sew much ! ai feel beddur jest nowin yuze guise is owt der to b helpifyin ! an 2b lettin me no fings b goinninda rite dreckshun- ai b callifyin da drtinycatfurdabigsads 2moro 2 let hur no if der b neprogress- will ask bowt tryin a little more ob dese meds- we will see !

  6. One of the meds I took for migraine management was Elavil … was supposed to “elevate” my mood – has a good track record for migraine prevention. Didn’t work for me … not only that, but I sat on the sofa and cried every day – it made me really sad. So, it had exactly the opposite effect of what was intended. My doc switched me to generic Prozac … didn’t work on the headaches, but sure worked on my spirits! I’d give it another couple of weeks or so before thinking of increasing the dosage.

    I’m so glad to hear that you’ve been having a positive result!

  7. da medz, dey hab tew gets reelee intew da bodee, sew do wat ur cheezfriens sai–waitz fur a couppla moor weeks, adn pay attenshunz (mebbe getz a lil buk tew write stuffz down) teh tyme ob dai, happi/sad, wat u be eatin, hao much sunnilite, exurzize, etc. Dew u uze da “Sun-Spot” faek sunlite? dis reelee be helpifyings mai sadz…

    heerz tew da goodest healfs!

  8. Yesh, hafs to bilds up teh blud titres…iz at least oneoneone month before habs full effect, aifinkso. And fink ob dis, too — yoo sed yoo iz sleeping better, no? Sew yoo wasn’t sleepin gud before, and ober time dat constant wearings awt of self is exhaustifying. Ai iz nonono Dr. Tinycat (ai iz no tiny anyfing!) but ai wuds say enjoyify teh sleep and let self feel teh positives as dey come: “Ai feels rested today.” “I had teh gud concentrations today.” etc. Aifinkso teh lists of gudgudgud fings will growify and helps wif teh nothappees.

    Much luvs and beeeeeeeeeeeemz to yoo, brave cheezfriend!

  9. I haz nebber teh meds aginst tehbigsad, onlie teh kliniclol deepreshums sumtymez, soe cannot haz say frum ekspeery mints. Butt! ai hoeps awl werking owt. Sownds teh promishingz!


  10. Wot they all said, SparkysMom! I’m on my elebentyth type of med nao, ai fink. Started on 11 Feb 2007 (not likely to furget that day in a hurry … was a Sunday, couldn’t live another day, so went to a walk-in clinik for mentul healf peeps and asked for meds. Well, they started kweshuns – obviously. But in my ever so slightly deranged mind ai thought they dni’t want to gibs me any so ai started SCREAMING. Dat wurked very fast, yep. HereBeUrPreskripshun-KThxBye-PweezeStopNao,Yes?) and had to change often – sometimes after many munfs because the effect seemed to wear off and the abyss called me again, sometimes right after a few days because I was in high rotation wif brain going elebbenty hundred miles per hour – cud nawt sleep!!! The gud thing is – say, they gibs u a SSRI med and it doesn’t wurk. Nawt to worry, try anover wun from the same group. EACH and EFFURY pill is composed sumwhat differmently and while wun will not do anyfing, the neggst will mayk u crazier tahn before and teh thurd just does the jawb. Keep trying. Keep bothering the doc. Tell them wot u notiss about urself . I had wun med that ai wud recommend for all catholic priests – makes any sex urge fly right out of the window! Poof! Celibacy, ur gnu hobby! so watch ur body and ur mind, and do come and play on ICHC and tawk to cheezfrenz. We noes. We understands. We listen.

  11. ohai, my fwends ! fank you sew much for all da werds of advyz and halp and suggestions ! ai feels beddur aftur heering frum you awl- nawt sew alone owt heer !
    da medz do seem to b halpin a widdle at a tyme- interesting fing happuned de uvver day- ai wanted sumfin SEW much ai WENT OWT AND GOT IT ! (this nawt happen for mii in free yeers !) naow de embare-azzinng fing is- whut did ai want ? A MOCHA FRAPPE FRUM micky-dees ! ( ai KNOW! thats dizgustin, but SEW gud ! — purfect meel ? KFC double down sammich an micky dees mocha frappe ! death meal frum hell !) tee-hee !

    • WOOOT for getting out and getting teh wun and onlee thing you wanted – heck, ai don’t care whether it is a wooden shoe horn u want as long as it gets u MOTIVATED. Sumtimes it has to be teh comfort foods. Ai will nawt judge u, certainly not. U go, SparkysMom! We go with u.

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