Bluesfan471 sendinged mii a reminder:

Our friend KCT is having surgery on Monday the 24th .  Everyone  please send beams and good thoughts.  She hasn’t been able to use the computer at home very well and was blocked at work so has not been on lately but I hope that once she has healed  maybe she will visit us more!


9 thoughts on “Reminder

  1. OHAI Bluesfan471. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll be sure to have my high beams on. I just feel so bad for her. Having to go through all of this. and thank goodness for the wonderful Cattails!! HOW would we get along without our friends?

    • Ohai Janet! You got that right! Cattails and her hubby have been such good friends to KCT, CC bless them! Beams and best healing thoughts to KCT for a speedy recovery!

      • Oh! I should have also reminded everyone that our friend 3KOM is having dental surgery on Monday! Big toofy beams and hugs to {{{3KOM}}} and hopes for both of them for smooth sailing and speedy recoveries!


        ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Mundae wil b a berri,berri busie beemie dai! *noet tew s-elf* dont forgit boud da dokktorz–send demz beems ov inpsir..imspy…inspyrashunz!

  3. ohai, cheezypeeps ! it is 1/2 howr till mondai, ai be shinnin up my beems for 3KOM and KCT and da docs and da dentistas, an da nursies (go nursies! da best ob da best ob us !) Whut a day, whut a day ! heer wi go, guize, beems at da reddy !

  4. KCT and 3KOM! Beams and prayers and smiling, laughing faces! All will be well! I will keep a little reminder on my pooter today to send thoughts and strengths to all involved … Schmooooo!

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