KCT am Home Agin

Dis gud nooz b kumming frum Cattails:

KCT had sir jury todai and Dr. Tinycat sez she’s all patched up gud as new. She dinnit eben hav to stay obernite and iz hoam zzzzz in her own bed being solemnly watched by elebenty guard kittehs, well, at least three kittehs at last count plus Cattails who iz staying wif her tonight and hopefully a home support staff will be in tomorrow to halp. Pleez continue to send healing beams.

Purrs n hedbonks


8 thoughts on “KCT am Home Agin

  1. Mehnee beems to KCT adn hoaps taht guard kittehs stae awaek durign slumburrs. ~~Beem~~Beem~~Beem~~


  2. {{{{{{KCT}}}}} Hooray! The worst is over KCT. Now its time to get well. Picture yourself smiling and laffing! Kitteh, Goggie and Meh send beams of strength … hedbonks… purrs… kneads… tails twirling inna air…

  3. *gently pats KCT on teh cheek*
    *hedbonks hur*

    Fanks for teh update, Cattails! Schmoo fro u, too! And BEAMS for speedy recovery, so KCT can come here again to play wif us.

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