Halpz fur Sunnyz Tr0ll

Sunnyhuckle sendinged mii dis.  Shii wuzn’t shur if it shud b posted heer oar nawt.  so I thottinged abowt it fur a whylez oar 3.   Shii am nawt lukking fur sympathyz.  Shii am wundering wut shii kin due tu getting deh Tr0ll’z biopsy analyzed tu see whai deh drugz nawt werking.  If u haz enny ideaz plz tu leaving a comment heer fur hur.  Fankeez.  — mj


Ai haz sum tr0ll gnus. Am wonnerink ifn ennywon haz suggestions fur wut to do next? But, iz awl complicated and medical, ai haz studied and listened long wiles wif my hyper-sunny-drive brayne, but! Noze cheezpeeps an teapeeps izza smartest in the werld! And iz reely simple, at the heart of it, my doc needs a lab to test biopsy, Drug-maker has to have one, or how cud they make the drug? WILL NAWT SHARE!


Here’s the deal:

Tr0ll got pneumonia, blah blah blah.

Finally, he had invasive aspergilliosis in lungs and brayne.

Aspergilliosis NEVER GOES INTO THE BRAIN UNLESS THE PATIENT IS IMMUNO-SUPPRESSED! He is not!!! No AIDS, no organ transplant, nothing! The chances of this happening are like winning powerball elebenty weeks in a row!

Pfizer had the miracal drug fur this, tr0ll was put awn, we gets fur free. Called voriconazole. (normally is 5000 moneys a month, YAY Pfizer! And thank you!)

Awl gudgudgud.

Lungs heal, awl lung fungus goes away.

Brayne does not. One month, MRI shows this, next month, his brain is different, the little lesions got big, the big ones got little, some old ones disappeared, new ones appeared.

Goes on and on like this! EVERY MONTH!

And…and…AND! His personality is constantly changing, wif the lesions! Nobody believes that part, they do not live with him!

Biopsy time. Now, docs in 3 states, at 3 universities, are lookin at my tr0ll’s brain sample, haz been presented at medical conference, blahblahblah.

Dna & rna extracted, compared, neurons, morons and protons explored.

Doc wants the biopsy tested to see if is resistant to voriconazole…or is blocked by the blood/brain barrier, that keeps boogers outa yur brain! cannawt find a lab to do! Was at the hospital 4 hours today, was there when the university in Texas, last hope, called and says, we know of no one who can test for resistance to this drug.

All the way home, sunny’s crazy brain is thinking, THERE IS SOME OTHER FACTOR AFFECTING THIS! SOMETHING NO ONE IS LOOKING FOR! I HAVE TO FIND FOR THEM! (too much Nancy Drew at young age?)

Normally, aspergilliosis + voriconazole = cured, unless yoo are immuno-suppressed. Why my tr0ll? Wut is different?

And, then! I call a friend to rant, and while venting, it occurred to me, Pfizer created this drug! Was a giant leap for treatment of fungus-kind! Miracle drug! YAY PFIZER!!

So, they must have labs to test for resistance to the drug, or how did they come up with it in the first place?

So, Ai cawls Pfizer. Customer service puts me through to a pharmacist hoo takes detailed notes awn hole thing! Awl 8 months. Iz very helpful, very interested, enthusiastic! Sunny haz the hopefuls! THEY WILL HALP! Talk over an hour!

Sunny gets bumped up a level…first guy was interested, enthusiastic, helpful.  Transfers me up a rung awn the ladder. Then…apologizes? Huh? Transfers me …

Next Pfizer peep iz cold, machine-like, refers me to their website…go away, by-by now!

AWL AI WANT IZ TO FIND A PLACE FUR MY DOC TO TEST THE SPLORT-SAMPLE! Fur resistance to the drug! Somebody HAS TO HAVE ONE! Is this fungus resistant…izzit the blood-brayne barrier keeping the medicine outa his brain? TEST IT!!!


Any ideas? I finkso, (sunny heer admits, mebbee ai am rong, sigh!) Pfizer can do it, assured them I am greatful for their miracle drug, and for FREE! And said many pleezes and thank yous, and just, can my doc send a sample to YOUR labs?

And, awl of a sudden, this door slammed shut. Ai only wants the HALPS! Am ai crazier than ai thawt?

An…an…and! The worst part? Tr0ll is changing, ebery day, right before my eyes, and ai cannawt make him believe it, because he is changing!

OH. Ceiling Cat, sunny and her crazy crusades. He has yelled at me for an hour because I WANT SUMBODY TO DO SUMFING!!!

As ai left the room, he yelled, “yeah, go hide your head, TALK TO SUMWON YOO DOAN NOZE FUR A WHILE!”


Ai doan noze HIM.

Luv frum sunny


50 thoughts on “Halpz fur Sunnyz Tr0ll

  1. Sunny….aye am nawt a tinydoctorcat…nor do I plai wun on teh teebeez….but (!) when I seed the wurd “immunosuppressed”, I thot….hmmm, wuz teh troll on teh steroids??? Dat all bye itself wud suppuress himz immunes….cud it be dat wuz haow teh nasties got inniz branehead???
    I so sorrie….i wish I hadda majikal ALLBETTER wand….

    • nope, no steroids, and doc banned, even after neuro-surgery, unless necessary to save life. Thank you for the thought, tho.

  2. The steroids might well account for that–they keep telling me that’s why we have to keep an eye on Scott (the husbear). But whatever the cause, you are doing the right things. Oh, Father in Heaven, hold Sunny close in Your arms and comfort her. Please give her Your wisdom, because this is just beyond us. We need a miracle! So we ask, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
    love you bunches—-janey (altosinger)

  3. Sunny,you gotta go the public route– Dr OZ — All the talking heads on tv.. Drug co is afraid you’re gonna sue,so they are shuting down,circuling the wagons.. You gotta figgure out how to get this “out there” Is there any such thing as an Aspergillis forum”??

    • ai thawt about the public route…of all those moms and dads asking for, and organizing bone-marrow donors, organ donors, blood donors, because their loved one iz dying without one. I thawt about how they organize a school, a town, a state, go on the Today show and testify before congress.

      Cannawt do.

      #1: our lives cannawt withstand the public scrutiny; you have read in the tearoom how messed-up my family iz, and, yesterday, he was upset because I called the drug company. Mind you, we are nawt THAT bad, but you and Fergie know what public scrutiny can do!

      #2: I would freak out and faint if somewon pointed a teevee camera at me, yes, even to save the tr0ll. I am simply nawt that strong. I have been second-guessing my decision to nawt unplug him for eight months, cannotcannot do it publicly!

      #3: can you imagine if, we, in teh tearoom, with out private lives and sorrows and trubblols, were suddenly awn teevee? WILL NAWT DO!

      But thank you. I understand, and thawt abowt that for most of last night, and the night before.

      • OOPS, so sorry, Sunny, hadn’t seen this when posted suggestions re TV, etc. (Although, maybe Oprah do anonymous good deed – ???)

    • “the drug company” is supposed to be calling the doctor, and I am following up on that with her. I am regretting naming them publicly, this morning, I thought about axing teh cween to withdraw the comment. I was watching that 12-year-old awn teevee about the burglar, and imagining teevee cameras awn me.
      Thank you, revsharkie

  4. oh, sunnyhuckle. ai noes u not luukin foar sympathee, but ai has a sad for yoo ennyway. must be very difficult seeing one u lurves change like dis.

    whut struck me in ur letter is this: “Normally, aspergilliosis + voriconazole = cured, unless yoo are immuno-suppressed. Why my tr0ll? Wut is different?”

    and this: “Aspergilliosis NEVER GOES INTO THE BRAIN”

    and stuff in lungs is cured with drug, rite?

    sooo… any chance that stuff in brain is *not* actually aspergilliosis, but something else? An opportunistic infection that struck when his system was so compromised?

    is shot in dark, ai knows, but onlee fing dat occurs to me.

    • very good idea, tessm. ai have followed that kwestion…their izza thing called “the blood-brain barrier” that is the brain’s personal first-response team. It is a specialized immune system that only the brain has, where only oxygen can get through to the brain, to prevent teh “head of state” coming under attack. It was the main problem with epilepsy drugs, could nawt get frum blood-tew-brayne, until Levodopa, or L-Dopa was cooked up, was the furst, and, as far as ai noze, the only, drug that can get inside teh brain. But! ai am NAWT a doctor, only a voracious reader, and a VERY GOOD student!

      That MIGHT be the problem. If the fungus gawt into the brayne, but the medicine cannawt, = no cure.

      as far as I know, is unknown if this stuff gets through. Almost all other studied patients have been immuno-suppressed, and died from it in an average of 12 months, if what I read awn the internet iz true.

      Since tr0ll iz NAWT immuno-suppressed, he is an “unknown result”

      iz teh reason I want the drug-company to look at the biopsy, because, HE IS DIFFERENT! The docs at teh Big Hospital cannot find a lab that can test the biopsy to find out if the medicine is getting through.. is the reason I am asking the drug-maker to look at the biopsy…

      if they developed the drug, would they NAWT be able to test if it werks? If ennyone can, my thinking is, would be them.

      • What about National Public Radio, US? Was recently listening to story (WNYC station) re them learning that nutrients CAN pass thru blood-brain barrier – was driving, so all I remember…They have website.

    • sawry, tessm, ai pleed tyredness, but was just surchink thru ideas and realized ai nebber answered yur furst kwestion…izzit a diffrent thing?

      Unfortuneately, no. They did a brain biopsy, and is aspergilliosis fumigatus

      (merinds me, ai made a gnu lol of ToeJammus Catticus, snerk)

      One thing I am wandering abowt…izzit eben gnu?

      wut ifn haz been in hiz brayne fur enny length uv time, but nebber showed up until he was so sick with streptoccacal pneumonia, it had a chance to invade?

      I merembers, when we furst mooved in heer, 6 or 7 yeers ago, part ub teh rental agreement sed, “donut yoose teh attic fut storij” so, ob corse, we hadta look! Any ded boddies and stuff up heer? wud be gud to be knowing!

      Had been a broken window to teh attic, and birds and otter wildlife nesting, tr0ll brought out 6 or 7 LARGE trashbags of, um, ai will politely say…nesting material…straw, twigs, and stuff…

      ai menshunned tew him yesterday, but he had a MAD awn, but, ai keep thinkin, izzit sumfing in our attic? In our Barn? Ahcuz, we was at teh pulmonologist’s, and was anudder guy, had been having a contractor build a gnu house, and! wen they mooved in, house was so full of mold and stuff, house had to be torn down by DEQ and disposed ov, Brand New! this poor guy had permanent lung damage and was awn oxygen…

      *sunny makes anudder note…*

  5. I did find this, dunno if it is of any value — sounds like in this case they had success with the usual usage initially, but had to go to a higher dose:

    “The initial treatment of the Aspergillus fumigatus infection with conventional amphotericin B failed, and treatment with the triazole voriconazole was started. Intravenous treatment with voriconazole resulted in a reduction of the Aspergillus fumigatus abscess. After switching to oral ambulatory therapy, the Aspergillus fumigatus abscess increased in size.

    To improve treatment, voriconazole dosage was adapted to reach drug concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) above the minimal fungicidal concentration and plasma specimens. During the concentration-controlled voriconazole therapy for a period of 18 months, a complete response was achieved.

    • WOW!!!!!

      Tessm, I am not a doctor, but, where did you find this? Hiz doc sed yesterday, the only option is a less-effective, IV drug with a lower success rate…

      I did nawt EBBER see this, and, I HAZ BEEN LOOKING!

      *But! sunny hesitates…*

      Did it say if was LUNG or BRAIN aspergilliosis fumigatus??? Because, the lungs cleared up, but the brain did nawt, am back to the reason I want “teh drug manufacturer” to look at the brain biopsy…no lab my doc can find can test to see if teh voriconazole haz even ENTERED in THE BRAIN, and, so far, she haz covered Washington, Orygawn, and Texas. If anyone knows of a lab that can test the voriconazole level in the brain, THAT would be such a big halp. Am back to the drug-maker, cannawt they test it? And, mebbee, they are just thinking it over, and will call dr tinycat and say, okeedokee, send us a slice…but, did nawt sound like it yesterday…

      That MAY be why they check hiz voriconazole blood-level every month, he is showing the almost-highest allowable drug level…without destroying his liver…do you know the DATE of that study????? Because, the possibility of liver damage iz why they don’t increase the dosage…maybe liver damage would be preferable to death…ai am such an optimist!

      *sunny pictures Matt Lauer critiquing our spelling on the Today show, and shudders!*

      thanks, tessm, and really really good research. Has me thinking, and, CC noze, we AWL NEED MOAR UB TAHT! SNERK! (at me, not you!)

  6. {{{{{{{{Sunny}}}}}}} I thought my brain damaged old man was in trouble but nothing like that. This sounds like dealing with the irs, cia,and whatever other spy companies there are. sorry I don’t have anything useful to add.

    • Every laugh halps, grmawgs. Thank you! srsly…

      *thinks uv Mat Lower again, wonders if teh Today show googlols his name to find stories…*

      snerk again!

      I suggested “chem-trails” to teh doc, she gnu nawt wut I meant, and was shocked win ai sed, we want to donate hiz cadaver heer win he dies, how duz won goze abowt taht?


  7. Sunny,

    Has anyone called the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta? They seem to love all kinds of questions about mutated bacteria and why treatments work in one case but not another.

    Also, you could look for an independent lab to do some testing, they are usually listed as “Contact Research Organizations” and some like to do challenge studies, again about how or why something has mutated or is different from the norm. These can be quite expensive.

    Best of luck and beeeeeeeeemz to you and troll. Petitions to the Boss of Ceiling Cat continue…

    • now, that iz a gnu line of inkwirey, will add to my list of kwestions for win ai cawl hiz doc in teh A.M.

      am sure teh cdc haz been contacted, his case was even presented at a medical conference…
      (they SED)

      but the independent lab idea gives me another idea…

      Could one of the competitors of the drug maker test it?

      Thank you, everything that makes me think izza halp, and THIS is a direction ai haznawt explored…

      Thanks, shepmom!

  8. THANK YOO TO AWL EARLY RESPONDANTS…ai sosososo appreciate ANY idea that makes me think a gnu way…

    (okay, I am NAWT going to cure ebola or aids heer, but! I hazta hazta hazta TRY to fix my tr0ll, no matter how much it pisses him off!)

    And, that is what I am getting…THANK YOU!

    *merembers taht sister’s sekkond ex-huzband, AND their dotter iz doctors, makes another note to be cawlink…tah wud cubber a few more states*

    *hmmm…thinks of another fambly member hoo is practissink law in another kuntree, makes anudder note….. (foreign labs? well, teh American won ware it iz made iz inna otter countree…why nawt?…moar note-taking follows…)

    sunny brightens, az is morning now (but NAWT mourning) and, well, that iz what a sunny does!

    Cheezpeeps, teapeeps, smartest awn teh planet!

    You are wise and wundrous, my cween!!!


    *much note-taking follows…merembers to check teh gnu nyte watchman storey…*

    yeah, okay, tomorrow…am sososo tired… iz won uv teh a.m…….

  9. Is there a local (or National) TV News Program you could contact??? Sometimes they’re looking for stories, sometimes have those special segments where they help local people, then report the story. Don’t know if they’d go up against Pfizer – maybe Mr. Moore??? Or a NY Times type journalist??? (Science Times Reporter from NY Times??)
    No one wants to have their intensely private business broadcast (well, no one WE know, lol) but if you’re desperate?

  10. P.S. I have a friend who is a retired Neurosurgeon. I’d be happy to contact him if you would like…

    • THAT would be awsome, although it has been my experience, that doctors avoid giving medical advice to friends uv friends.

      Thank you

      • This particular friend, tho very recently retired, has an “ask the doc” type website. I’ll check with him first, but even if he doesn’t want to give advice per se, he might have some other ideas, lines of inquiry, people/places he might recommend? He’s a pretty cool guy, known his since I was 12…lol
        Do you mind telling me where you are located, in case he knows someone or a lab facility in your area he’d recommend?
        It’s very hard, in my experience, to deal with your “loved-one’s” (‘zcuse, am new to lolspeak, you’d never understand if tried to write you in it, *snerk* …) serious illness – esp. if affecting their personality – AND advocate for them @ same time

  11. Maybe some Alzheimer’s researcher, in light of the personality changes, might have an idea??
    So sorry, sound so hard.

    • Do nawt think alzheimer’s iz involved, as, the placement of the lesions account for the changes. And mostly started AFTER he had surgery to remove one from his frontal lobe, which is where your personality is, mostly. Is another in the left limbic area, where speech center is, that explains hiz slurred speech. He talks like a stroke victim, but they are nawt thinking he had a stroke. The MRIs would show stroke…or…snerk…Mad Cow.

      • I love your delightfully twisted sense of humor! As my husbear and i say, “If you can laugh at it, it doesn’t own you!”
        Love you bunches—janey

      • I realize it’s not Alzheimer’s, just wondered if researcher’s &/or experts in might not have some ideas in re what’s going on bc of experience with wacky brains?
        (Mad Cow, I like how you think…)

  12. O Sunny! ai can haz teh harthurt fur u an ur Troll! Esspeshly furr u noe longurr noeingz him an himz nawt noeingg himszelff!

    Butt! grate bigg Cheezland conga rat u laceshums 4 ur inish– inisthee– fore ur tryinz reel hardd an nawts gibbing up 2 findz teh amserz! Dis iz teh true lubs!

    Iz teh reel gud horsepittals heer in Pickburghhhh, an I Googoogooglied the UPMC syysstems an teh brayne aspergilliosis fumigatus an teh voriconazole an awl . . . an ony finded stufs awn immoono– immoo– peeps wiv transplants an AIDS an fings. Mite be sumfing in dere lyke ur cayse . . . butt! cud nawt brayne awl taht . . . .

    Ai noes teh reel gud DrTinycatz heer if u haz teh ladeecansurrs, butt! noe nurrolygists.

    *Hazsa sad becuz iz no halp*

    *Rembers teh morel supports halps innits waey*

    SO! wil send beemz an praers dat deez uvver ideeahs b wurkings, an ur own dokker had gud thots bowt dis todae or soonsoonsoon nex week. An fur strongness an payshumsh for u. An 2 seeing the guhd hoomer an Sunny-briteniss wherebber u fynds itt.

    *Laffs self sillee obber fot ov Mattt Lalalahower investifikatings teh Lolspeek*

    • ohai, 3kom!! how bees yur toofs? we sended yu beems on munday, but den we nawt b heerin n e fing ! howd it go? yu b eatin now?

  13. Ownli jus’ seen dis, sew many sorries foar powsting soe layt. I, too, suffer from teh NawtADokter sinedrone, butt I will contribewt what I discobbered dewing sum resurch foar my father’s illness.

    Nawt sekkond, honey has anti-bacterial properties. No-one haz studied dem in-depth, jus’ enuff to know they exist. Akkording tew reputayshun (adn tayste…) Manuka honey haz teh strongest anti-bacterial properties. Mixing honey adn lemon juice in hot water tew mayk a drink may oar may nawt help, but it can’t hurt.

    Sekkond, der aer =sum= speshulists in food science who aer running klinikal trials of injecting beri concentrayted vitamin C tew see iffen it cures varius illnesses. (This haz been dun since teh discoberer ob vitamin C – Linus Pauling – claimed dat it had amazing health properties.) Rezults aer mixed, butt tehr is no known harmful lebel ob teh stuff sew it’s sayf. Dis iz moar ob a lastest rezort,adn ownli applies iffen a local unibersity is doing such a study. On teh obber hand, it duz meen yu neber, eber hab to gibs up.

    Teh brayn seems tu be helpted lawts in building wib Omega-3, fownd in mowst fishhh. I habs neber hurd ob it being uzed tew help wib sumfing lyke dis, butt iz awlways wurf a shot.

    Der aer 23 currently uzed ways tew scan the brayn in medicine, adn der aer MRI scanners menny thymes moar powerful dan teh uzual klinikal wuns. Der aer awlsew fMRI skanners dat show how things chayng in teh brayn. Iffen teh doktors adn neurologists don’t unnerstand what dey aer seeing, den maybe day need a clearer imag or a different imag.

    Iz nawt Alzheimers. Dat creates Tau protein plaques which throttle bits ob teh brayn. (Sorri tew be gross.) Nuffing wud get smaller and teh Tau protein wud be bizibul tew ennywun who looked. (My father studied Alzheimers adn a pawssibul link to aluminum toxicity. He fownd dat wun form ob it likely iz, adn dat it iz alsew linked to a strange foarm ob brittle bone dizeez. He awlsew discobbered dat teh bones could be cured adn further damage tew the brayn prebented wib teh cure alreddy uzed foar iron poisoning, desfereoxamine.)

    Foar speech, yu aer prolly rite to say dat teh lesions aer prolly teh cawse ob teh speech. Teh bestest I can say dere iz dat yu may want tu look at how Scott Adams (teh Dilbert cartoonist) beet a total loss ob speech. Singing uzez a diffrent part ob teh brayn. So he wud sing insted ob speek, adn it wurked. Affer a while, teh speech moobed from teh part dat it waz in to teh singing part, adn he cud speak again. Doktors hab sed, in response, dat dis can be dun. Iz nawt common, butt der aer speech therapies dat hospitals hab uzed dat do sumfing similar – re-routing speech to anubber part ob teh brayn. Dey down’t always wurk, adn nobody knows enuff to say why oar when it will wurk. Butt when it tuz, it wurks beri well.

    Der aer obber funkshuns ob teh brayn dat hab been sukksessfully moobed in similar ways, butt der haz been beri beri little resurch in dis. No-one knows who, how, when or when, only dat der iz cleer ebidence it iz doable.

      • Really, re the singing!? Wow – maybe similar to Alzheimer’s pts remembering poetry bc (memory of?) rhymes not limited to certain part of brain?
        Wish could remember when that Nat’l Public Radio show aired, maybe sometime this wk, bc all about changing brain compensating, etc. Will look on their website…

  14. Sunny, Ai sew sorree fur u adn teh Tr0ll. Ai wish Ai culd gib u halpful infurmashun, butt(!) Ai is nawt nawlejabolol n tihs area. Ai had a raer brayne anyoorism adn teh Dr. Tinycats konsulted wif Duke University adn Shands Hospital adn sum ovver institooshun tu figgur owt wut tu du, tehn did it, adn Ai did NAWT bcoem teh 1 in 3 hoo die OAR teh 1 in 3 hoo r n a perminint coma. Ai iz teh 1 in 3 wif varying degreez ov disability, adn myne r minor. 2 yeers latur adn Ai iz finully seeing fizicul adn mentlol improovmints! Teh brayne iz creating nu pathways arownd teh rodeblok! Wut Ai iz saying iz taht tehre iz hoep! Ai iz sending beems ur wae, adn heer iz a laff fur u: Ware iz Dr. House wehn u needz him?!? {{{{{{Sunny adn Tr0ll}}}}}}

    • yeah, ai cud yoose thoze pocket-pills uv hiz!

      cheezpeeps, smartest inna werld! eben noeing yur oan limitations is smart, and sunny haz researched much!

  15. I am not a doc, justa nurse. I found several journal articles regarding asperg in the brain of people with NO immune compromises. Most of them said that liposomal Amphotericin B is the treatment of choice along with an antifungal.
    I am not a fan of big Pharmacy. Just because a drug is new, it is not necessarily better. If the voriconazole works for everything except the brain, Pfizer will be delighted and any brain cases will be ignored.
    You are absolutely right about the cause of the personality changes.
    Beams and prayers for you and yours….

    • it is good to heer about articles contradicting what we were told, “it is most important to run out of scapegoats.”

      We will insist awn trying different meds, different procedures, has been on “optimum dose-determined by blood level, nawt csf, since October. which sounds like a shortcut that is not werking. Also want to try that otter drug, she explained we could try it, but made the attempt sound pointless.

      Mucho gracious!

  16. thank you tew awl. was at werk, was times befoar, wen was still tryink to be teh productib…

    sumwon axed me sumfin, and ai responded wif my usual humor and elokwense.
    She says: wow! you haz teh elogwense, do yoo ebber do enny writing?

    “a liddul bit” sez ai.

  17. Here’s what my Neurosurgeon friend had to say. (Pls note his response is, of course, based on my necessarily less than complete understanding of the situation… ie; I ain’t no doctor!)

    1. If you’re looking for a (nother?) Neuropathologist, try the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.

    2. If Pt has Aspergillosis diagnosed by Brain Biopsy, then that is what he has.

    3. He also recommended the CDC in re testing for drug resistance.

    4. However, a test for drug resistance would be nearly impossible since the specimen would need to contain LIVE Aspergillosis.

    Sunny, don’t know if this is at all useful or even new to you.

  18. NS friend also told me that cerebral aspergillomas, tho it may not be as common, can be found in immunocompetent patients.
    Sunny, I am sorry if this is bad news. The Doc is going to look for a gd article & suggested (tho you probably already looked at) eMedicine.

    • No, haz nawt done much research lately, ai haz thiz fambly that devours my life force and leeves me drained, alsome, I am not a good researcher in the medicine area, although I am luchy to haz gradumicated frum a won year medical office procedures that taught me much that is halpful, anatomy & physiology, 3 termd of medical terminology and human disease etc, 4.0, phi theta cappa, gold stole and awl! good times!


    fanks tew awl hoo participated in my drug trials and follow-up kwestionaire!

    You awl rock my werld!

  20. wow. Cheezpeepz IZ smahtist inna wurld. Iz awl obur mai beeg rownd hed. Ai sendeeng beemz ub strawngniss n purr sur beerinss too yoo. Yoo izza speshul purrsun too werk so hahd at sumfing so hahd fur sumwun yoo lub. CC will halp.

    wkm n Maya

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