Hi-Yo, Silver!!!

Luk!!  Just luk!!!  it b Silver deh Wunder Dog!!!  Hii b deh poor liddlol goggie hoo got attakkifyed bai deh ebil wolf!  And survivinged!!  Schmoooz tu deh berry brave Silver!!! adn tu awl deh peepz hoo halpinged him!!

mai cween…

yesterdey mai fren ulrika sended me dis biddeoh uv aor boi silver!

plz tew poast eet on de cryer sow de peepz kin see hao well aor boi b doin!



13 thoughts on “Hi-Yo, Silver!!!

  1. OHAI mumrik!! Thanks so much for sending this. It’s so good to see him up and about – and SUCH a cute little dog. I’m so glad we were able to help. To have to lose such a charming companion, or drive yourself into horrible debt to save him would have been awful.

    It does make me feel good that we, as the Peepl ov CheezLand, are able to help people and sweet littlol Anny Mules in need.

  2. Mumrik – fanks for the bideo – I wondered how Silber was doing … looking good! What a happy ending!

  3. lil silver still beez awn mai liszt fur beems–glad tew be gettings dis “Imoprtant Bideo ov Hiz Prograss” …
    luukin guuuud, Silver!11!!

  4. Watter fair a pees! Wiv teh goggie tredmill! Ai sawed dis 4 nawt-sekkond tyme tehis weekweekweek awn uh teebee show, an heer iz soe gud 2 seeing Silber haz teh halps ov itt 2!

    Free chairs fur Silver teh wunder Yorkee!!

  5. Hao wunnermus! Ai thot ov Silver just tihs weekweek wehn anovver goggie wuz n teh newz heer n Florida….donut wurree, shii iz okay. An alligator caem up owt ov teh laek adn grabbitied hur! Heer iz a linkee tu teh storee (close teh gap in teh http):
    ht tp://www.thehappykennel.com/old-basset-hound-fends-off-7-foot-gator
    Click awn teh littlol skwares tu b seeing teh picshurs. Oh, fur those hoo donut noe wut teh Florida Gators awn teh towel are, tehy r teh University of Florida sports teams.

  6. Adn juss lass nyte Ai wuz finkin tu mahselyf, “Selyf, Ai hazza wundur haow liddul Silver bii dooing?” Adn up pops dis wondermus bideo! YAY SILVER!!!!!

  7. Ohai, Silver and Mumrik, ai haz a beeg happeh taht teh littlol goggiez doon sew well! Skyuuz mi wile ai danses teh happehtale polka

    (Step togeddur step HOP step togeddur step HOP step togeddur step HOP)

    Fanks and schmooz, huzzah four guud nooz!

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