Mini Cheez Meet

Dis b  mini cheezmeet report frum Sunny  in Oregon, hoo had Kafleen and 2 minionz vizit hur on Sunday.

Considering the circumstances, these pix were all we got.  A good time was had by awl, eggsept possibly Oddity, hoo did NAWT understand why he had to yoose teh cat-door instead of teh window! (He is NAWT snarling, only meowing.) Guests took home party favors of miniature FoxGlove Cottages, and sunny’s trash-to treasure project uv flower pots/clutter bowls made of discarded record albums (classical myoosiks).

(if yoosing fur flower pots, coffeecan lids make good under-liners.)

We made a tour of my piece ov an acre, wif flowers shown off (roses are blooming, and foxglove, and daylillies, and iris, and columbine, and chives;) we checked teh progress of my tiny farm, 3 raised beds containing lettuce, spinach, radishes, carrots, sunflowers, and asparagas that has been drowned in weeds. At this point, 2minions joked, “Last year will go down in Oregawn history as ‘the year the tomatoes actually turned red’!” (local humor)

Dropped in awn naybors, who were proud to show us teh fish pond, and let us pick lavender and columbine.

Then, back to teh cottage fur noms and more noms, stories and eggchanges uv gifties!

Sigh, nebber made it to teh MooseTracks rootbeer floats wif butterscotch syrup, teh guests was worryink about a sugar-coma awn I-5, Can’t really blame them.

Eben teh tr0ll enjoyed, as we nebber has teh company. Was gud to have peeps awn hand what wif fambly emergencies etc going down awl through, guests were gracious and understanding! And their hugs and shoulders meant teh world to me!

Fankee, Kafleen and 2minions
Luv frum sunny

Left tu rite: sunnyz Tr0ll, Kafleen, 2 minions

Tiny Foxglove Cottagez



Classical Flowerpot


13 thoughts on “Mini Cheez Meet

  1. It looks like you had a good time, Sunny—i was hoping for a picture of you, but Kafleen and 2Minions and Tr0ll all look good. I hope those records were already beaten up when you made them into flower pots…said the recording engineer’s daughter! You have great craft ability, dearest. I wish i could have been there, but no could do. GOD bless you exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think!
    Love you lotses! —janey

    • backatcha, altosinger. Ai really appreciated your comment about my kwirkey humor, was it teh “neurons, morons and protons” , or sumfink else!

      *sunny here pauses to eggsplayne*
      It is teh asparagas that is choked out by weeds, teh rest is well-cared-for and thrivink!

      yur sunny

      (as fur fotos uv me, ai am tryink to remain an enigma until ai finds a job!)

      • Well, the “grass” (as they call it up here in Yakima) season is about over, anyway. Glad you have a good garden—thart keeps the food bills down to a dull roar, anyway.
        Love you lotses! –janey

  2. oh sunny, am so glad it turned owt to be such a nice occasion! yoo haz a very hansum trOll, an kafleen an 2minions look like tehy iz habing wunderful time! an teh burdhowses are so kyoot

  3. Aaaaawwww!!!! Ai wishis ai cud has bin dere wif yu!!!!!! Ai wanna meets Sunny an hur Troll an Kafleen an 2Minions awl fur reel an ebreefing tu. *pouts* Iz jus nawt fayr dat ai’s stuk heer beein broak an mentlee unstaybul awl bai maisefls. *pouts summoar, cawnveenyintlee foargettin dat, reelee, seh nawt gots dat mush tu complaynin abowt in hur lief*

    Ai finking gud thots bowt yu guise ebree dae – ai jus nawt beri gud at [lessee – wut did mai lawng-suffrin sistur cawl it?? oh yeah …..] ‘keepin in tuch’ [dat’s it] – speshlee wen ai hassing tu dubbul kwadripplify tweek mai mentil-helf meds jus tu getting froo teh currint toatul bullcrap frum teh idjit nayburs an ignurint landlud an stoopid-drama-kween brayn imbarrissinglee mainoar challinjis ai faysing dae-2-dae. Mennee lubs an hugs tu yu!!!

    • {{{Nicewitch}}} There, there. Please go easy on urself, k? No badmouthing my dear cheezfrend Nicewitch. R there any cheezpeeps near where u libs? Have u chekked teh Cheeze Map (sumwhere in the links on the right)? And most importantly, is there sumfink ai can do to mayk u feel more stable? Don’t fink dat ur challenges be “minor” – effury’s problems are as bad/debilitating as those of another cheezfren. We awl struggle, wun way or another. By leaning onto each other, we stop each other from falling down and going kaboom. And if we do go KABOOM, then dere be cheezfrenz to pick u up and dust u off and bring u a cup of hawt choklit. Apropos choklit – u want sum? Iffn u do, leave me ur email address on my ICHC profile and ai sends u sum really gud German choklit. {{{Nicewitch}}}

    • oh, nicestwitch, ai haz mystifyed you so much! Ai iz totally borked and agorafobic, iz wye teh peeps came here, nawt me to teh real cheezmeet!

  4. I wants to say FANG Q to Sunny fur teh wunnerful Cheezmeet! Seh putted awn such a spred – luvly fresh froots an elebenty kiends ov nibbles – an teh lamented moose trak rootbeer flotes (sigh, butt we rly did has to stai awaek onna freeway).

    We hadded such a grate tiem, wif grate peeps, in a luvly plaec. Fangq, Sunny!

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