KCT Home Agin

Dis came frum Cattails.

KCT iz hoam agin and doing muchly better. A few dais in teh horse spittle were just teh ticket! She’s sleepin under a blanket of kittehs ‘n purring again. Musta been all those cheezland beams, gud thots and well wishes. Fanks for keepin her in ur thots.


7 thoughts on “KCT Home Agin

  1. Welcome home, KCT! Peeps might scoff but I believe the power of collective prayer (thoughts, beams) really do influence the universe. I’m glad you’re safely home, now see yourself laughing, cuddling catsAND PLAYING IN CHEEZLAND! {{{{{KCT}}}}} {{{{{Cattails}}}}}.
    Light and love1

  2. Praise GOD you’re home again! I’m so glad! I continue to pray for complete healing, dear one.
    Love you lotses! –janey (altosinger)

  3. Oh, I’m so glad u iz home!! Wuns pains is under controls, is much eezier to rest properly accompanied by furs and purrs!

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