Emergency Party — Today!

O hai.

We has just uncovered top-seekrit documents (i.e. GP’s driver’s license) that say that today just might be a Very Special Day Indeed for our guiness piggeh friend.

So u am invited to a Come-As-U-Is party on teh 9am Cheeztime lol (9am west coast, 11am central, noon eastern, 5pm, TTI, etc.) TODAY. That’s in about 45 minnits!

There will be teh usual noms, drinkies, mayhem, and perhaps a song or two. See u there!

Now exsqueeze me while I go hedbat my phlonquais for not remindifying me about this sooner.

Teh Cheezland World Clock is a bit busticated, but u can use this link to halp find out what time it is now and when the party is. Cheeztime = Seattle


7 thoughts on “Emergency Party — Today!

  1. Ais leebin teh beeg buks bildin suun n wons b able to attens teh party! Gibs r bess wishes to teh speshul guesst! MM, Manfred, Ayla & Michio.

  2. Sounds exciting but I couldn’t be there anyway. Today us peeps in Jozi will be coming out in our thousands, wearing our Bafana Bafana tees, waving our flaggies and blowing our vuvuzelas to show our team we’re right behind them. (Mainly to catch them when they fall over). First World Cup footie game is on Friday, Bafana bafana against Mexico, and everyone has suddenly caught the fever. (Even me…) So, sori, can’t be there, going to our own party! Wheeeee! KBai!

  3. Oh, heck, ai misseded it compleetlee. Butt (!) ai hoep dat teh wun an ownlee Guinness Piggeh had a wunnermous birfday! Wish ai cood have been dere to join in teh fun an teh goodest wishies.

    Happyest belayted birfday, Mr. Piggeh!

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