Furred Lunnon Innernashnul Cheezmeet

Ambercat says:

Heer ye! Heer ye! This be the Nouns Mint ob the Furred Lunnon Innernashnul Cheezmeet – a purrrr four mint in *cownts on fingahs; wun….too…add in daytoburf…carri the wun…..eye Bfor E…..errrrr* menne parts!

Setting; a bar in or neer to JK2Kittehs’ hoe tell – arownd Richmond/Twickenham
Tym: Evening
Dayt: Wensdy 30nd ob Joon.

Act Wun:
Setting: Hyde Park; meet at Hyde Park Corner (wehr the nutters stand awn bokses an showt stuff – joyn in, if yu wont!): Form cawfee tym (11am) til bedtym. Bring a piknik – big hats opshunal (sou’wester an snappy raynhuds myt be mor apro…aporp…papri…beddere!)
Dayt:Fursdai 1th Joolye

Mini-meet fur choklit martoonies, (tho Ai carn’t promiss tehy’ll be surfed bai YNGs) in Swindon, teh follollowing weekweeeekweeeeek.

Act Too:
Setting: Missus Miggins Pye shawp, or odder plaise taht has cayk and frills awn the taybul, arownd the Edgware Road ayreah!
Tym: Teetym (ennetym arfter abowt 4 ob the pee em)
Dayt: Err, between Joolye 26nd and Joolye 29st.

Setting: Sumwehre in The Cotswolds, mebbe the pritty villij wehr they fillummed Hairy Porter an Cranchesterford that Ai canute put heer cos the moddy raytors fink it has a rood werd in it; lyk a mayl hen wot is hassing a lie-doun!, or Cirencester or anodder purty plaice, neerbye
Tym: Hmm, lunchtym or mebbe teetym, or mebbe bofe!
Dayt: Caturdai, 31nd Joolye

We tryd to fynd a wun-syz-fits-awl dayt, to soot awl the peeps wot is travlin a lawng way to TTI – an fownd that wun syz donut rilly fit ennewun! So we has gorn fur a raynj ob tyms an dayts, tho mostlee arown Lunnon. Ebrywun is welcom to joyn in, butt(!) nowun is oh blyjed to attend awl parts – Ai canute eben garantee that Ai will be at orl parts, tho Ai wud lub to bee!

CweenMJ; Plees post awn teh Cryer

GP will/has putted it awn the buk ob fayses

Plees post awn the Cryer, an the Cryer oenlee, if yu is abul to com. Nawt if yu carnt com. Nawt if yu fink sumwun els is commin. Juss wen YU is commin!

Peeps hoo kno they is commin; plees repost tihs as an wen – Ai’s nawt arown much, at the momunt so it’s ober to yu to put the werd owt


28 thoughts on “Furred Lunnon Innernashnul Cheezmeet

  1. Act 2 will almost certainly (unless we change our minds) be on the 26th. Venue not confirmed – in the absence of anything more individual it’ll be the nearest Starbucks to Edgware Road tube station

  2. I will be there for Act Too and maybe even the Finarley, depending on where it is. Will be in Cotswolds area between Act Wun and Too, just need to wait for the date and place of Intermission.
    Excited I am!!

  3. I’m not too keen on the Evening in Richmond (don’t like going home late), but will reconsider nearer the date. Definite for Hyde Park, will skip Swindon (reluctantly) and will do my utmost to make Act2 and the Finale

  4. Ohai Ambercat! Hyde Park Corner is at the South East corner of the park, Speakers Corner is at the Marble Arch (North East) corner. Please make sure that we know which you mean to be the assembly point _ I’d hate to miss everyone because I was at the wrong place!

    • I was wondering that as well…. if it won’t work out, I understand (it’s all up to CC anyway, right? :-))

  5. A liddle updayt frm me: ai can definitly matk act two. ai has buked teh day off werk adn am in teh prosess uf bukin trayn tiks rite noa! Sew dis be a plee frm me nawt tu chanj teh dayt frm teh 26th, oar ai will be havin a wun-purrson cheezmeet awl bai maiself, lol!

    P.S. Ambercat, ai has sendid yoo a frend rekwest 🙂

    • As it looks as if the Hyde Park (Act 1) is a washout – I’m not going if I’m the only one! Perhaps a slightly longer time on 26th might be a good idea.
      I hope the Bath one is still on after I booked in at a guest house and bought train tickets!

      • I’d be happy to meet a little earlier on for act 2 – my train gets into euston at 1.15, so I could probably be at the meeting place for around 2pm if we wanted to extend it a bit? Also, do we know exactly who is coming to Act 2? I have a little idea for cheez-gifts, but I need to know who’s coming first… 🙂

      • I have asked everyone to reply here – most have though it takes a bit of scrolling up and down to find the them!
        I make it Dr.Gizmo; Anemone1; Nennepuss; Ozcatmum; Annipuss (I think) and maybe Puddy_Tat; Tidmum if I can persuade her she can get a train to London by herself. I’ll be in Exeter, at a Team Meeting, so can’t make it.
        I also asked for all attendees to re-post the original message, but I don’t think that happened either.
        Feel free to give more shout outs on ICHC/Town Cryer/ Facebook/ wherever, just ask everyone to reply on the Town Cryer, so we all know where to look.
        I have to say I’m not a big fan of the party favours; it can get a bit competetive and very pricey. Last year I put a limit on how much peeps could spend and encouraged home made gifts. This year I suggested we just brought the makings of a picnic, but that was for Act 1 which originally looked like the most popular! Now it looks like Act 2 is the big meet so a picnic wouldn’t work so well.
        Anyhoo, have fun at the waffle house and take lots of photos!

      • Thanks for the info, Ambercat. I’m really sorry to hear that you can’t make it to Act 2, but you’ll be there in spirit! My idea for favours is small, homemade, on a tight budget – definitely not pricey and with no intention of being competetive 🙂

    • I can be at Act 2 from about 12 onwards. Am definitely coming to that.

      What time and where will the Bath meet be please? If it isn’t quite decided that’s ok. There are some weeks to go yet.

      Is the date set for the Intermission in Swindon yet? Above says the following week, but is that exactly a week, or just sometime in that week?

      • Sometime that week – depends when Judy is in town. I’ll message her later and try and firm that up. I’ll be able to make that one, for sure. Then the Bath/Cotswolds bit needs some fine tuning and we’re done!

  6. I can make teh Bath/Cotswolds one an prolly the intermission..depends on date an tyme..kidlets awn skule hollydayze form 23rd July-2nd September *ARRRRRGHHHHHH* O.O
    Childsitters,lack of funds an mai Mummeh possiblee habbin Major Sir Juree around the tyme of the Lunnon meet means It is not possiblol for me to attend 😦 ….I has cancellated a Family trip to Wales to make sure I can be at teh Bath meet …..;)

  7. The Intermission will be Thur 8th July, in Swindon – if I can find a nice bit of Swindon, we’ll go there, otherwise it’ll be around Old Town

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