Grantski’z Dad Having Sir Jury

Dis caminged in mai emayoz frum Grantski:

My Dad is having a hip surgery tomorrow, one he’s needed for about a year, and had been delayed for 3 or 4 months. It’s very painful for him to do anything, it’s a miracle that he still works for our family. Please send some beams, he could really use them! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Grantski’z Dad Having Sir Jury

  1. Father, thank You for Grantski, and that he has asked for Prayer for his dad. I ask that you would bring him through this safely, and that the surgery wouold be successful, and that the healing would be quick and uneventful. In Jesus’ Name—amen

  2. U and your fambly has all teh +++++beems I can find!
    *Runs ouytside and catches some eggstra beems in a big flutterbye net*
    All mai hoeps for a kwik Sir Jury, and an awlmoast as kwik recubbery.
    lubs and hugs

  3. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemz set on high for your Dad, Grantski! For speedy recovery, and for all wisdom and skill to be with the Dr. Tinycats!

  4. Gray shus gud beenz an fots an praeers furr Grantski’s daddycat! Wanting himz suun heeled an upp an doin teh Hippy Hippe Shak!

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Grantski’s dad}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}


  5. Of course we are worried that something could go wrong, but this is usually a truly wonderful thing! By far the vast majority of the people who do this are SOOOO happy with the results. I will be hoping that this is the way it is for your Dad. Worrisome – yes!! But rejoicing should result! 😉

  6. {{{{Grantski’s Papa}}}} Beams! Have to tell you my 36-year-old friendy had a double hip replacement last year – and she has a new lease on life! Papa sounds like a man full of determination (working in spite of the pain!) so the outcome will be even better than expected. Quick recovery, Papa!

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