Beemz Needed fur KCT

Dis camed tu uz frum KCTailkinker:

Dear Cween,

Ai need heeling beems a lot.  Ai am still housebound from the sir jury and can nawt go owt. Mai mom is nawt well.  Momma Dofy haz been in teh nursing hoem foar 2 yeers nao. Wii hab ben finking that teh nursing home wuz gud and keeping eye on Momma Dofy. Teh nursing hoem did nawt keep an eye on her coumadin levels apparently. Dey cawled and sed dat they thot she had a blood clot and walked her to the ER at the horse spittle (only a number of blocks across a very bizzy street) and the horse spittle sed dat it is not blood clot but that they did nawt do her levels each week. The horse spittle also found sores and other things that we can’t see butt until the horse spittle saw fings we can’t. Sunny is Momma Dofy’s behbeh kitteh. Mai hart is borked and Ai cannot get to her. Mai bruvver is getting Momma Dofy 2 a noo nursing home butt Momma Dofy is bery, bery fragile and cud caws her to go over the bridge.  Wii needs prayers, heeling beems and lawts of kind words.

Plz to kno  dat Momma Dofy is bery lubbed and Momma Dofy misses her behbeh Sunny.  Ai am berry hart brorken and haz a hyooge sad rite nao.

Fank u, Cween. Hedbonks & purrs!



22 thoughts on “Beemz Needed fur KCT

  1. Oh KCTailkinker! This is so SAD!!! Ai teerz rolling down mai cheeks just frum reeding this.

    Where iz the bebbeh Sunny nao??? Iz she OK??

    An your poor deer Momma Dofy.

    It iz troo. Sum nursing hoams are reelee gud – an otters. . . ai awlwaiz felt SOoO bad fur teh older peepl there hoo were prittee much aloan there.

    An ov CORSE yoo haz a hyoooj sad rite nao. Hao cud yoo nawt??

    Ai am sending awl the gud thots ai can. An ai hoep taht yur Mamma Dofy will bee awl rite. Teh werst part fur yoo iz taht yoo cannawt bee there!! That iz hard!

    {{{{{{KCT}}}}} {{{{{{{Momma Dofy}}}}}} ((((((bebbe Sunny))))) {{{{{{bruvver}}}}}

    an ai hoep yoo are awl bedder soon, too!

  2. Hello, mai sister! I will pray for you and your Momma Dofy. I speak healing to your body and your heart in the Name of Jesus. Remember that He is in control, precious one—all of this is a shock to you but not to Him . Father GOD, please touch dear Momma Dofy, and keep her aware of how much You love her and that you will be with her all the way. please place Your protection and angels all around these ladies, and give them Your joy, which is our strength. We ask these things in Jesus’ Name and for His glory—Amen.
    All my love—-janey (altosinger)

  3. Meny, meny beemz to KCT and famblies. Plz tu cetch tehm:

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>{{{{{KCT’s Fambly}}}}}

  4. Sending loving,healing beemz your way. Never fear, there are always Angels by your side to help and guide you. Prayers for you and famly from me and my family.

  5. da coumadin iz nawt somfin tew bee messed wif (mai mama hads non-engrish speekin doktur who nawt unnerstan dis drug). mai hart goes awt tew ur fambilie; iz tragical wot nursinhoams kan get awaiwif, esperciallie wif peeps who kan no longer fite fite fite…*beems, super-hicharged, butt (!) gentil*

  6. it’s hard to stay strong when so much is going wrong. ur cheezefambli iz by ur side. {{{KCT an family}}}} .
    i’ve turned my high beems on >>>>>>>>>> KCT.

  7. Beemz beemz beemz and moar beemz coming to all of yoo. We iz sew sowwy to heer of dis. Will teh kitteh be ables to moov to teh noo home? Cans we help wif dat (dun noe just where yoo are though…)?

    Ai hopes yoo feels teh better vewwy soon.

  8. beems, prayers, hope, wishes —–>{{{{{KCT, Mom, bruver, kitteh}}}}}
    So much I want to say, but can’t find the words. Love to you all.

  9. Oh, KCT, ai haz a bit sad to heer diz nooz. Iz so so hard wen u needs to halp but cannawt. Ai noze ur bruvver is awn teh case.
    Beemz fur u and ur mamma and awl teh famblee—>>>

  10. Deer, deer cheezfrens, Ai fank u an tayke ur lub an beems. Sunny mooved in wif meh wen Momma Dofy had to go to teh nursing hoem. He is nao teh bruvver uv Inky and Pyewacket. He has awlways ben Inky’s bruvver. Sunny and Sooter mooved in at teh sayme tiem. Sooty went ober teh bridj bak wen Ai wuz in teh nursing hoem maiself. Sunny is 17 and will awlways hab a hoem wif meh until he goes ober the bridj and den Momma Dofy will luk foar himz. Ai nawt heer bak from my bruvver since Ai herd from him and Ai don’t kno any moar. Lub to u awl!

    • Oh my friend, I’m so sorry to hear of this. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your Mom. I wish I knew what to say that could make you feel better but at least I can send some hugs and beams
      {{{{{{{{{{KCT and Momma}}}}}}}}}}

  11. oh KCT i am sorry to heer teh nursing home wuz not taking gud care of yor momma. i send beems for her to be on teh mend, an for her to get in a better situation wher her will get teh luving care her needs. i am glad her sunny-bebbeh fownd a home an noo frends wif yoo an yor kittehs. hugs an beems to yoo too, to keep recovering from yor own sir jury {{{{{KCT & momma}}}}}

  12. Dear KCT, ai send BEAMS for u and ur famblee. Hope mom will be ok. {{{KCT}}} + {{{mom Dofy}}}

    Pweeze pet the furfrenz from me, k? Lubs u!

  13. KCT–Ai yam sew sawrrie taht u aer habbing such a hard tiem. Aill keep u an ur mom an ur kittehs in mii thawts an in my hoeps. {{{KCT an ebberywun she loves}}}

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