Khokkit Needz Beemz

Dis b kummming ed in mai emayoz frum Cattails.

Rhokit iz a cheezfrend frum teh profile pages who is facing a big sir jury soon. She iz a real sweetie and ai know she reads teh Cheez Town Cryer because she has sent hugz ‘n beams to our dear KCT. Rhokit iz having a lung-lobectomy in a week and has a big worry. ai know it wud make her feel moar betterer if cheezpeeps wud send her beams ‘n gud thots for a swift recubbery.

Rhokit iz nawt in mi hoam town so ai can’t gib her hugz in person, but teh virtual hugz halp, too. If it’z nawt too much truble, cud u post this in teh Cryer? ai asked her nawt sekkond if it was hokay to post this. Her answer was “okz…uze is kaind 2 fink uv dat. aiz juss doan wannuh bi uh drahmuh kwiin… tnx…”

Here iz a link to her profile:
ai wish she had a cheezfrend in Buffalo to gib her hugz IRL.

Purrs ‘n hedbonks,


40 thoughts on “Khokkit Needz Beemz

  1. ohai, Rhokit,
    ais sowry fur ur trubbles. U haz mai *hi-beems* adn huggs. ai alsew will b sendin a birtual boo-kay ov lushious earlie summer flairs (wif majiklol heelin propertees) tew ur plaice ob rekubberie. hagn in dere!1!!!!

  2. Iz nawt drama to haz a wurree abowt a big sirjury! Mai mahm had a lobectomee a few yeerz ago adn wuz teh pleh fur a bit but recubbered well. Iz u habbing teh video-assisted kind?
    Ai hopez adn beems awl the heeling beemz fur u, Rhokit! {{{Rhokit}}}

  3. ~~~Rhokit~~~I am sending you many powerful beemz to strengthen your soul and body. You are a wonderful person who has given so much to so many. I hope you can feel the love which comes through this website to you.

    Purrs, Rubs, and Contentsment…

  4. Beeemitybeembeeeeeeemz to you Rhokit. We has not meetified, but ai extends both floofy paws of cheezfrendship, prayers, and hugs to yoo for a gud outcome and speedy recubbery. Remembers to do what teh Dr. Tinycats tells yoo!

  5. Heeling beams an relaxifying beems ams on ther wayz to you! Teh cheezpeeps be wif you halping to mayk shur you haz a gud sir-jury an a kwikfast recubbery!


  6. da powr ob da cheeze iz knot 2 b undaestimated.

    ur cheezefrendz (extendz da floofy paw) r with u.
    high beemz — kalibraided 2wardz buffalo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  7. O deer Rhokit! Ai wish Ai cud be dere to halp u and gibs u hugs and gud stuffz in person. Mai hart goes to u. Cattails told me abowt ur needing beems and lawts ub hugz. Ai gibs u mai prayers to u. Plz to kno mai beems will be dere eberday and moar!

    U need awl ur Cheezpeep and frends wif u….awlways!

    Hedbonks & purrs!


  8. Rhokit, I would just love to know the origins of some folks’ names here in cheeseland. If you don’t mind I’ll save yours for the next time I foster a nameless kitty, but only if she’s really fast! (and most are) Good luck and healing BEEEMS to you for a fast recubery!

  9. Ai rayz mai pawz an mai wittle mind’s eye to da great sky an wif awl mai energies sen a requess fur da universe to shine itz highest beems of gud thoughts, healing pwayers, an postib powers to yu, rhokit, an fur da peeps who can hep yu get well ‘n wecobered ‘n meowin wif yu frens again. We awl be hears an finking ob you.


  10. Rhokit – I don’t know you, but am sending you 85 billion kinds of heeling beemz to get through this anxious time.

    {{{{{{{{{{Rhokit, fambly, and supportive fwends}}}}}}}}}}

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